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According to The Leadership Challenge (Ch. 7 Search for Opportunities), what are the two essentials that extraordinary leaders do to get things done?
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In providing adequate support for delegating tasks, you have decided to furnish subordinates with information on where they may acquire needed resources.This is a good idea.If you care more about the relationship than the issue, which conflict response would you most likely use?AccomodatingWhen conflict stems from information deficiencythe conflict is easy to resolve because additional information generally resolves the dispute and individuals are less emotional.With regard to conflict, the task of an effective manager is tomaintain an optimal level of conflict while keeping conflicts focused on productive purposes.According to The Leadership Challenge (Ch. 8 Experiment and Take Risks), which of the following is true regarding small wins theory?One of the reasons that small wins produces results is that those results attract people who want to be allied with a successful venture.According to the general framework for collaborative problem solving, which of the following best describes the step known as "Invent options for mutual gain"?Brainstorming with the other party in an effort to identify unusual, creative solutionsWhich source of conflict is one of the more difficult to resolve?personal differences.Which of the following statements is most accurate?Delegation normally refers to the assignment of a task, while empowerment involves arousing employees' intrinsic motivation and energizing them to take action.The issue is very important to you. In addition, you feel that the time has arrived for a decision to be made, and you are not too concerned about the relationship you have with the other individual. Which conflict response would you most likely use?ForcingThe group has just outlined their approach to the problem. Part of their plan is to have you (the manager) closely monitor the daily tasks.Discourage this approach and remind the team this is their project but you are available to assist.According to The Leadership Challenge (Ch. 8 Experiment and Take Risks) what should you do when you make mistakes and experience setbacks?Ask yourself - "what can I learn from this?"Repeated use of the avoiding response to conflict management leads tothe avoidance of resolution of the problem.According to The Leadership Challenge (Ch. 7 Search for Opportunities), some research has discovered a strong connection between the productivity of entrepreneurs, administrative assistants, and college students, and what other attribute?proactivityWhen exploring options for a resolution, what should the mediator do?Focus on interests, not positionsYour boss states, "To foster empowerment, you should provide individuals with a large difficult task at the beginning. The theory being, if they can master this difficult task this will encourage feelings of empowerment." He then asks for your comment. You say"I disagree, the key is to start with easy tasks."The fours sources of organizational conflict are (1) informational deficiency, (2) personality-defect, (3) role incompatibility, and (4) environmental stress.Only source 2 is incorrect.Downsizing often leads to which type of conflict?Environmental stress.Conflicts between people in the production and sales departments are usually inherently based onrole incompatibility.In delegation, (1) managers should be clear about deadlines, (2) how the task should be completed, and (3) the level of initiative expected. Which are correct?Only statements 1 & 3 are correct.You understand the importance of two-way communication during the delegation process. This meansthat you (as the manager) remain available for consultation and idea exchange.At the conclusion of a long discussion concerning a difficult issue in your company, you realize that all the parties involved are on board with the solution, and everyone is satisfied that they have been treated fairly. Which of the following approaches was likely used?CollaboratingWhich of the following is not one of the 10 proven delegation principles outlined in the chapter?Focus accountability on the process.A person is probably an ineffective conflict manager if he/sherelies on one or two strategies regardless of changing circumstances.