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  1. Antifederalists
  2. Federalist 10
  3. Conditions of Aid
  4. Coalition
  5. Line Item Veto Act
  1. a Madison's response to controlling factions through the creation of a large republic.
  2. b An alliance - As referenced by Federalist 51 - A group of factions that comes together to rule. In a large republic more interests are represented.
  3. c Argues that the nation needed a loose confederation of states with most powers of government going to the state legislatures and state courts.
  4. d Federal government must tell the state governments what they want to do if they want the federal government money.
  5. e Declare unconstitutional in Clinton et al. V. New York - Does not allow the president to veto specific items in tax and spending legislation.

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  1. Weak constitution governing America starting in 1781 that was unable to levy taxes or regulate commerce. However, Congress could make peace, coin money, appoint key military officers, and run the post office.
  2. Ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person's intentions.
  3. No requirement as to matching funds and freedom to spend on almost any governmental purpose. Distribution of money determined by a specific formula. This program was ended in 1986.
  4. Allows voters to place legislative measures directly on the ballot by getting enough signatures.
  5. Federal funds provided to states for services such as airports , highways, and education.

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  1. Weber's bureaucratic viewThe government is dominated by appointed officials within the bureaucracy. They decide how to translate public laws into administrative actions.


  2. Bill of RightsA law that declare a person, without a trial, to be guilty of a crime.


  3. Separation of PowersSplit of power between the three branches of government to prevent one branch from becoming too powerful. Also a split of power between federal and state governments for the same reason.


  4. Judicial ReviewCompetition shapes public policy. Therefore, what government does is affected to varying derees not only by competing groups of elites inside or outside government, but by mass public opinion as well.


  5. Writ of Habeas CorpusMust bring an accused person in custody before a judge to show sufficient cause for the detention.


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