Weeks 5 and 6 Greek and Latin Roots

dejected (adjective)
to feel sad; to feel thrown down in spirit or mood
eject (verb)
to throw out
injection (noun)
a shot; the "throwing" of medicine into the body by a needle
interjection (noun)
a word such as "Ouch!" or "Hey!" thrown into a sentence or conversation
jettison (verb)
to throw goods overboard to lighten the load on a boat or an airplane
projectile (noun)
an object thrown into the air with great force
projector (noun)
a machine that throws an image onto a wall
reject (verb)
to throw something out because it's defective and can't be used again
subject (verb, pronounced "sub-JECT")
to throw oneself under someone else's rule
trajectory (noun)
the curved path of an object thrown into space
bisect (verb)
to cut into TWO pieces
dissect (verb)
to cut apart for the purpose of investigation
insect (noun)
small arthropods with three separate sections: head, thorax, abdomen
intersection (noun)
the point at which two lines or roads meet and cut across each other
section (noun)
a separate part of something
sectional (noun)
a couch made up of separate pieces
sector (noun)
a separate part of a society, group, or area
transect (verb)
to cut across something
vivisection (noun)
medical research that involves cutting into living animals to study organs, tissues, or diseases
trisect (verb)
to cut into THREE separate pieces