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  1. kini (kani)
  2. kita
  3. a dia
  4. ako
  5. niiri (niari)
  1. a (present tense) here (close to me not you) (location marker)
  2. b This (close to us) [ang]
  3. c In/at this (location) (close to me not you) [sa]
  4. d we (inclusive) [ang]
  5. e I [ang]

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  1. (future tense) here (close to us) (location marker)
  2. in/at this (location) (close to us both) [sa]
  3. us (exclusive) [sa]
  4. (present tense) there (far from me not you) (location marker)
  5. you (singular) [ang]

5 True/False questions

  1. kanimo, sa imoyou (singular) [sa]


  2. kaninyo, sa inyoyou (plural) [sa]


  3. kanako, sa akome [sa]


  4. niini, nianiThis (non-focus) near me not you [og]


  5. imo, nimo, imongyou, your, yours (singular) [og]


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