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Great Expectations Parts 2 and 3


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Herbert's nickname for Pip:
Miss Havisham's husband to be was:
Trying to steal her money
Pip goes to Wemmick's house and sees:
Unique shape and structure (very palace-like), the Aged Parent, a drawbridge, and well-kept gardens
Drummle and Mrs. Pocket are both:
Words to describe Wemmick:
Eccentric, discreet, businesslike, and kind
Molly's relationship with Jaggers is:
One where Jaggers has a strange influence over her
Molly's most disturbing feature:
Scarred wrist
Pip's reactions to Joe coming to London:
Consternation, anxiety, fear, and embarassment
When he visits, Joe tells Pip he has spoken to:
Miss Havisham
Pip stays at the Blue Boar Inn instead of Joe's when he returns to his hometown and lies to himself about why he is doing so...the truth is:
He thinks he is Joe's superior
Miss Havisham's advice to Pip about Estella:
To love her completely
Before meeting Estella to escort her, Pip goes to:
Newgate Prison
Pip goes to Newgate with this person:
Things that happen to Pip when he comes of age:
He's given a large sum of money, helps Herbert, asks to learn who his benefactor is, and learns he will earn 500 pounds per year
When Wemmick advises Pip not to help Herbert, we see Wemmick's:
Double-sided personality
Pip is surprised when he escorts Estella to Satis because:
He saw Miss Havisham and Estella argue
Estella points out to Miss Havisham the irony that:
Miss Havisham is upset with Estella's coldness, yet she is responsible for Estella being cold
When Pip's convict returns, Pip attempts to:
Send the convict on his way
When Pip finds out that his convict is his benefactor, he is most upset because:
He feels Miss Havisham used him
The convict calls Pip his:
Pip is a bad influence on Herbert because:
He overspends and gets into debt
Miss Skiffins is:
Sometimes found at Walworth
Pip says that his convict is his:
Pip's convict's names:
Magwitch and Provis
Compeyson's defense in a court case involving himself and Magwitch includes:
Magwitch was older and more experienced
Magwitch knew Jaggers long ago when:
Jaggers defended Magwitch in a court case
After they find out that the convict is Pip's benefactor, Pip and Herbert resolve to:
Not take any more money and find a way to get Magwitch out of England
Pip accuses Miss Havisham of using him to:
Create jealousy in her relatives
After Pip tells Estella he has loved her for a long time, Estella tries to hurt him by saying:
her heart cannot love, that she warned him about her cold nature, and that she is marrying Drummle
Wemmick's term for money:
Portable property
When Pip sees Wopsle perform, Wopsle tells Pip that:
He has seen Compeyson
When Jaggers defended Molly in court, he suggested that:
She took the life of her child. BUt she didn't; she gave her up for adoption.
Pip visits Miss Havisham once more to:
Tells her what he knows about her past and to forgive her for her role in his heartbreak.
Pip tries to get Magwitch on a freighter, but the plan failed because:
Magwitch is severely injured and arrested after a fight in the water.
Magwitch is tried for returning illegally to England, and this happens:
Magwitch goes to prison, Pip visits him daily, the judge must hang him because "lifers" are condemned, Pip can't tell if Magwitch understood the news about his daughter, and Magwitch dies.
Pip's seeing the vision of Miss Havisham's body hanging is:
When Pip finds out who his benefactor is, Dickens reveals the nature of Pip's feelings through:
The metaphor of a shipwreck
Dickens illustrates Jaggers as a man who speaks:
Evasively, indirectly, and hypothetically.
The weather before the convict enters Pip's apartment is illustrated through:
Foreshadowing, mood, and symbolism
Estella describes herself as a candle and men like Drummle as moths. The literary term to describe that is:
Miss Havisham burning is illustrated by:
What is symbolized by Magwitch burning the money that Pip gave him?
The money has no meaning to him because Pip does not owe him anything
Pip's sickness symbolizes:
The purging of his conscience
The gate at Satis and the drawbridge at Walworth are similar because:
They both represent barriers or borders
Dickens illustrates that everything is not what it seems with:
Magwitch's appearance in court, Pip's benefactor, Wemmick's life at the Castle, and Pip's impression that Satis is a place of wealth and happiness
Characters that redeem themselves:
Pip, Miss Havisham, Estella, and Magwitch
The significance of Orlick being hired for gatekeeper at Satis is that:
Pip is afraid that Orlick is dangerous
Closures to the novel:
Wemmick is married, Joe and Biddy start a family, Miss Havisham dies, and Magwitch dies. Pip and Estella's relationship is left up to reader interpretation, to an extent.