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kinetic-potential energy

Kinetic and potential energy are the two types of energy that relate to.
Potential energy
the stored energy of an objects due to its position or condition.
Kinetic energy
that energy that an object has due to its motion.
The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends on its.
mass and speed
When is kinetic energy transferred from object to object.
when those objects collide
In a generator, kinetic energy is transferred into.
There is a finite amount of energy in the universe. what does this mean.
there is a limited amount of energy in the universe
when does an object have no kinetic energy.
when its at rest
when does a yo-yo have the most potential energy.
when its at the highest point
when is potential energy transformed into kinetic energy.
when an object at rest is put into motion
what do potential and kinetic energy have in common.
they're both related to motion