Honors English I: The Tempest Acts 2 & 3 Reading Quiz - Dr. Rinkevich (2021-2022)

To kill Alonso
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StephanoWho is Alonso's butler and was praised by Caliban as a god?He joins Caliban under it.When Trinculo sees Caliban lying on the ground under a cloak, what does he do?A two-headed monster.When Stephano spots Trinculo and Caliban under the cloak, what does Stephano think he sees?He gets drunk.What does Caliban do after Stephano mistakes him for something else?As a ridiculous monster.How do Stephano and Trinculo view Caliban when Caliban is drunk?To show them around.What does Caliban offer the two men (Trinculo & Stephano)?He is a four-legged monster with a fever.What is Stephano's initial conclusion about Caliban?To relieve his fever.Why does Stephano give Caliban alcohol?The moonWhere does Stephano tell Caliban that he came from?He heard thunderWhy does Trinculo hide under the cloak with Caliban?He thinks Trinculo is a spirit tormenting him.Why is Caliban afraid of Trinculo at first?carrying woodWhat is Ferdinand doing at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 1?admiredWhat word that Ferdinand uses to describe Miranda shares a Latin root word with her name?She seems unconcernedHow does Miranda REACT to the news that Ferdinand is a prince?If he loves herWhat does Miranda ASK when she finds out that Ferdinand is a prince?proposes marriageWhat does Miranda do when Ferdinand says that he loves her?her nameWhat does Miranda tell Ferdinand, even though she promised her father that she wouldn't?his workWhat does Miranda offer to do for Ferdinand?FerdinandWho has been made to take Caliban's place as Prospero's servant; and is in love with Prospero's daughter, Miranda?MirandaFerdinand enjoys his labors because they serve the woman he loves, _______.he refusesWhat does Ferdinand do when Miranda tells him to take a break and to let her do his work for him?Steal his booksWhat does Caliban say that himself, Stephano and Trinculo must do to take power from Prospero?The music is freeWhy does Stephano want to become the ruler of the island kingdom?4Which punishment did Caliban NOT suggest to Stephano? (answer with the #) 1. Smash and bash Prospero's skull. 2. Stab Prospero in the stomach. 3. Cut Prospero's windpipe. 4. Take out Prospero's organs.ArielIn Act 3, Scene 2, who plays the music to lead the men astray and interrupt their plans?2Why does Caliban often cry after waking up? (answer with the #) 1. He loves sleeping 2. He wanted to dream again because his dreams were fantastic. 3. Crying helps him wake up.servant monsterIn Act 3, Scene 2, what does Stephano refer to Caliban as and repeatedly orders for him to drink?Lord of the IslandStephano has now assumed the title of "____ __ ___ ______."hangStephano promises to ____ Trinculo if Trinculo should mock his servant monster (Caliban).TrinculoAfter Caliban is telling the men that he is "subject to a tyrant, a sorcerer, that by his cunning hath cheated me of the island" (III.ii.40-41), Ariel begins to stir up trouble, calling out, "Thou liest" (III.ii.42). Caliban cannot see Ariel and thinks that ________ said this.ProsperoCaliban tells Stephano and Trinculo of his desire to get revenge against ________.hittingAriel continues to interrupt now and then with the words, "Thou liest." Ariel's ventriloquizing ultimately results in Stephano _______ Trinculo.ventriloquizes TrinculoWhat does the invisible Ariel do to cause trouble between Stephano and Trinculo in Act 3, Scene 2?sonIn Act 3, Scene 3, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, and their companion lords become exhausted, and Alonso gives up all hope of finding his ___.kingIn Act 3, Scene 3, Antonio, still hoping to kill Alonso, whispers to Sebastian that Alonso's exhaustion and desperation will provide them with the perfect opportunity to kill the ____ later that evening.TrueTrue or False? In Act 3, Scene 3, at this point "solemn and strange music" fills the stage and a procession of spirits in "several strange shapes" enters, bringing a banquet of food. The spirits dance about the table, invite the king and his party to eat, and then dance away.harpyIn Act 3, Scene 3, just as the men are about to eat, a noise of thunder erupts, and Ariel enters in the shape of a _____, a creature that is half-human and half-bird.mocksAriel _____ the men for attempting to draw their swords, which magically have been made to feel heavy.TrueTrue or False? Ariel, calling himself an instrument of Fate and Destiny, goes on to accuse Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio of driving Prospero from Milan and leaving him and his child at the mercy of the sea in Act 3, Scene 3.daughterIn Act 3, Scene 3, Prospero, invisible, applauds the work of his spirit and announces with satisfaction that his enemies are now in his control. He leaves them in their distracted state and goes to visit Ferdinand and his ________.aAriel tells the men that their shipwreck and the loss of Ferdinand are punishment for what? (answer with the letter) a. Endangering Prospero and Miranda b. Colonizing the island c. Their classicism d. Their sin of prideDraw their swordsWhen Ariel makes the banquet disappear, what do the men do?Their swords become heavy.Why can't the men attack Ariel with their swords?He tries to drown himself.What does Alonso do when reminded of the likely death of his son?fishIn Act 2, Scene 2, when Trinculo finds Caliban hiding under a cloak, he can't decide whether Caliban is a man or a ____.