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EXAM #7 Instructor Review & PowerPoints Notes

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Identifying what is needed in terms of imaging requirements, is a team effort. Everyone has a role including admin, radiologists, supervisors and staff technologists. Admin usually control financial and space requirements. Supervisors can report staffing needs and patient volume. The needs of the radiologists must be met and the most important, the end-use input, from the techs matter because the techs are responsible for successful implementation and operation.

The person making these specifications should have a technical background to state what is needed to meet imaging requirements. At this point, a medical physicist should be involved to help determine exact specifications. Once these specifications are determined, they are sent to vendors for bidding.

During the selection process, bids are compared. They look at the ability to meet those requirements as well as the cost of equipment and service contracts. It is also important to factor the service, support and life costs needed to maintain equipment. The bargaining process can be restrained if a radiologist has a preference of a vendor, which can make it difficult from the administrator side of purchasing equipment.

The vendor or manufacturer is responsible for installation and acceptance testing. QC tests must confirm that each specification was met. This could require a medical physicist to step in with modern technologies. Full disclosure of evaluation methods must be specified, therefore providing a baseline for future testing.

Continuing education is the last step of the purchasing process. For simple equipment, a manual can be enough for training. Complex equipment should be demonstrated and explained to at least 2 other people. In service and continuing education is also a must. Quality control and in-service education coordinators should be involved in initial training sessions to provide their staff with a good orientation training and they can provide periodic updates on equipment