Chapter 10

A building has 12 foot ceilings that cause the electric bill to be $1,200 higher per year than a conventional ceiling height. Depreciation caused by the ceilings can be estimated by calculating the present value of the $1,200 per year over the remaining economic life of the building.
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A property is sold for $200,000. Typical financing terms are an 85 percent loan with a 10 percent interest rate over 15 years. If the before-tax cash flow is $2,000, what is the overall capitalization rate?11.96%A property is leased for $24,000 per year although market rents are currently $27,500 per year and are expected to increase by 2 percent per year. The property is expected to be sold at the end of Year 10 based on a 10 percent terminal cap rate applied to the eleventh year NOI. The current lease on the property will expire at the end of Year 10 so the property can be leased in the eleventh year at market rates. What is the value of the leased fee estate based on an 11.5 percent discount rate?$251,298The discount rate is a rate that a typical investor would normally require as a(n) ___ return over investment holding period.expectedTotal possible income less any vacancy is ___.effective gross incomeWhich of the following is TRUE concerning the capitalization rate?It expresses relationships between income and property value at a specific point in time.Which lease has the LOWEST effective rent? Lease Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5year A 10 11 12 13 14 B 0 13 14 15 16 C 0 0 20 20 22 D 15 14 13 12 11Lease BThe principle that an informed purchaser would not spend more for a piece of real estate than the cost to purchase the land and the cost to construct a structure provides the rationale for which of these valuation methods?Cost approach