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Vocabulary from the short story "Why, You Reckon?" by Langston Hughes.


to pass from place to place or from person to person; to distribute in a wide area


an illegal bar serving alcohol during Prohibition times


a section of New York City predominately populated by minorities of African and Latino descent; original home to the Harlem Renaissance


distant place in sight; father removed

Dixie Bar

Southern style bar


slang referring to a person of the Caucasian race


slang for great or in agreement with; to increase in size, a continuous wave that is long and billowing


place to store coal for furnaces


slang for to calculate, estimate, consider, or assume


slang for human stomach area; second stomach in birds where partly digested food is finely ground

Prefix: Demo

Meaning: people
Example: democracy,

Suffix: cede, ceed, cess

Meaning: go
Example: proceed

Suffix: cratic, cracy

Meaning: rule, power
Example: democratic

Prefix: Dict

Meaning: say, speak, word
Example: dictionary

Suffix: gamy

Meaning: marriage, union
Example: monogamy, polygamy

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