Science Chapt A2- Study Guide

45 terms by Beaumiester

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Major changes in the body form during the life cycle of an animal

direct development

a kind of growth in which an organism gets larger but doesn't go through other changes

life cycle

all the stages a living thing goes through


process by which plants use the sun's energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars


The basic unit of heredity


The process by which traits are passed from parents to offspring


a characteristic that makes one organism different from another

The gene sets are transferred from who to whom during reproduction?

From the parents to the offspring

Sperm cell is from the


egg cell is from the


Some traits, such as eye color are affected only by______________


Most traits develop through a combination of what?

heredity and nurture

Name characteristics affected by genes

height, eye color, skin color

You can change some characteristics by the way you live. You cant change your eye color, but what you EAT and how you take care of your SELF can influence you height. Eating healthful food and getting proper EXERCISE enable your boy to grow.


Most living things get energy to live from

the sun

Plants use sugars for what?


The sugars in plants provide the energy the plants need for _______________and good health.


FLowering plants grow from


A seed grows when an egg is


Each seed holds a tiny plant called an


When the soil is warm and there is enough moisture, the plant will

germinate or begin to grow

When the seed germinates, it swells and cracks open. TIny roots begin to grow down into the________________.


Inside the seed, the embryo is surrounded by ___________.


A new plant


Stage after seedling stage. The plant grows and develops what?

Flowering stage ------ develops flowers!

Flowers produce_______, the male sex cells of the plant.


Birds and insects moving from flower to flower bringing pollen to the female eggs inside the flowers


Ferns and mosses reproduce by


Life cycle of plants from spores, first step

first FERTILIZED develop into small plants

(Life cycle of plants from spores)
Small plants become adult plants, these release


(Life cycle of plants from spores)
The spores are released into the

MOIST environment. They develop into new plants

(Life cycle of plants from spores)
Final stage, tiny plants develop sperm and ___________

EGGS. The sperm are released and swim to the eggs. The cycle starts over.

Plants growing from other parts of parent plants


Plants that grow from a storage stem

tuber (potatoes)

Almost all animals come from fertilized


Mammels, such as kittens and humans, begin their life inside of their


Marsupials are mammals that don't develop inside the mothers bodies and need to stay in the mothers


Birds lay eggs, birds hatch, need to be fed and kept warm


Reptiles lay eggs, hatch, are now on their own


Amphibians and fish lay eggs in water, hatch, look like parents, survive on their own


Shedding an out covering


Spiders and reptiles

animals that molt

Stages of the human life cycle

fertilized egg inside mother

4 stages of metamorphosis


incomplete metamorphosis

a young grasshopper that does not have wings

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