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Experimental Design, Metric Units, Conversion, and Measurments Vocabulary.

Experimental Design, Metric Units, Conversion, and Measurments Vocabulary for Dr. Goodwin's Unit 1 Test.
Independent (Manipulated) Variable
The variable that you are testing and purposely changing
Dependent (Response) Variable
The factor that changes because of the manipulated variable
Control Group
in an experiment, a group that serves as a standard of comparison with another group to which the control group is identical except for one factor
Replicate (Sample Size)
The number of times you do the experiement per experimental group or how many times you test something per experiemental group.
Controlled (Constant) Variables
the variables that are kept the same during an experiment
Continuous Variable
A quantitative variable that can assume an uncountable number of values. Can assume any value along a line interval, including every possible value between any two values.
Discrete (Categorical) Variable
Distinct groupings and no variation in between those groups. Appropriate to use a bar graph.
Specific declaritive statement; educated guess on what you believe the relationship between the control group and test group.
A statement made in advance that expresses the results that will be obtained from testing a hypothesis if the hypothesis is supported; the expected outcome if a hypothesis is accurate.
The amount of matter in an object.
The force that gravity exerts on an object's mass.
The amount of space an object takes up.
the amount of mass in a given volume; mass divided by volume
the quality of nearness to the truth or the true value
the quality of being reproducible in amount or performance
Graduated Cylinder
instrument used to measure volume of a liquid
the curve at a liquid's surface by which you use the botom to measure the volume of the liquid
Laboratory Balance
The tool used to find mass, what we used in the mass of air lab.
Precision of an instrument
1 place past the marks. Even if the answer is a whole number use zeros to get the correct precision.
Water Displacement
a method used to find the volume of an irregular solid