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  1. What aspects of nursing did the Protestant Reformation change?
  2. The initial commissioning of male nurses by the Army and Navy happened when?
  3. What are some of the issues and challenges regarding BSN programs?
  4. What is Accreditation?
  5. The Crusades led to the development of what?
  1. a 1. A collapse of religious nursing orders
    2. Disappearance of men from nursing
    3. Nursing now seen as dirty work & undesirable
  2. b "approval" of hospitals, healthcare organizations, education institutions, or educational programs
  3. c Knights Hospitalers (fought battles & took care of sick and injured)
  4. d during the Vietnam Conflict
  5. e expensive (low student: faculty ratio in clinical setting), difficulty finding faculty, and scarcity of clinical sites

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  1. schools went from being profitable to becoming major economic liabilities, and diploma programs began to fade
  2. Dorothea Lynde Dix
  3. American Nurses Association (ANA)
  4. Crimean War (decreased mortality rate)
  5. Nursing home (due to lower complexity of tasks)

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  1. Who is responsible for starting registry and the first attempt to control types of schooling individual nurses must have?Florence N.


  2. Who revived the deaconess movement & opened a small hospital for training programs?Theodore Fliedner


  3. Mobile Field Hospitals (MASH) were first seen when?registration


  4. What is a Certification?shows expertise in certain area rather than minimal competency, voluntary, issued by American Nurses Credentialing Center instead of the government, requires an exam but doesn't necessarily give a higher status or reward


  5. What led to the development of hospitals built by religious orders?The Bubonic Plague (Black death)


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