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  1. Attests completion of a course of study at a formal educational institution? (but is not a passport into a certain job)
  2. Any activity engaged in to earn a living
  3. Who is responsible for regulating nursing?
  4. What led to the development of hospitals built by religious orders?
  5. What was the first US diploma program?
  1. a degrees/diplomas
  2. b New England Hospital
  3. c occupation
  4. d THE STATE
  5. e The Bubonic Plague (Black death)

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  1. more people die of disease than injuries while at war
  2. during the Vietnam Conflict
  3. 1. School shortened to 2 years instead of 3 to produce more nurses faster.
    2. Nurse's Aides to help meet shortage
  4. purchased own supplies and recruited group of nurses to set up her own hospital to treat British casualties
  5. All nursing education should take place in institutions of higher learning (no more diploma schools), BSN minimum preparation for "professional nursing", AD minimum preparation for "technical nursing". NLN does not support this paper. Resulted in only 1 state (ND) implementing, but changed in 2004.

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  1. Where was the first "real" BSN program?Yale


  2. Licensure today requires what?Nightingale Model & influenced by war experiences


  3. Who accredits Continuing Education (CE) providers?National League for Nursing (NLN)


  4. What was the effect of WW I?management structure of school different from that of hospital to eliminate conflict of interest


  5. Which organization can be joined by only deans and directors of baccalaureate schools of nursing?American Association of Colleges of Nursing