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  1. What schoolteacher organized military hospitals and a Corps of nurses?
  2. What midwife is responsible for the underground railroad?
  3. Who was the first African American "trained nurse"?
  4. What was the result of the Brown Report?
  5. Why was the growth of BSN programs slow?
  1. a Mary Mahoney
  2. b Many thought nursing was technical and not worthy of being in University. Many thought women didn't need liberal education, and many physicians opposed it.
  3. c Harriett Tubman
  4. d Dorothea Lynde Dix
  5. e schools went from being profitable to becoming major economic liabilities, and diploma programs began to fade

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  1. in addition to diploma/AD content, BSN includes coursework in health promotion/containment, disease prevention, leadership, introduction to research, and community/public health.
  2. predicted battles over title. Researched nursing shortage and set up demonstration programs in community colleges causing AD programs to grow rapidly.
  3. Strict discipline and obedience (thanks to the church)
  4. nurses be trained and have continuing education, and not rely on "female caring instincts"
  5. Very few in number (none in FL), producing least amount of graduates. often loosely affiliated with institutions of higher learning, but credits sometimes will not transfer. Most are 27-36 calendar months in length.

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  1. What was life like in early diploma programs?publicizing what war was really like to a shocked British public


  2. What are written documents evidencing competence?Credentials


  3. Who was the first nursing professional organization president?Linda Richards


  4. Who was the first American "trained nurse"?Mary Mahoney


  5. During the Great Depression what federal funds were used to support hospitals and employ nurses?Roosevelt's "New Deal"