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Sexual = Zygospore
Asexual = Sprangiospores


Asexual = Condiospores


Sexual = Ascospores
Asexual = Condiospores


Sexual = Basidiospores

Lichen thallus

Grow on rocks
Outer = fungal partner
Inner = algal partner

Amoeba proteus

Sarcodina phylum
Trophozoite stage

Entamoeba histolytica

Sarcodina phylum
Trophozoite stage
Ingestion of cyst causes Amoebic Dysentery

Giardia lamblia

Mastigophora phylum
Trophozoite stage
Ingestion of cyst causes Giardiasis

Trichomonas vaginalis

Mastigophora phylum
Trophozoite stage
Causes STD Trichomoniasis

Trypanosoma ganbiense
Trypanosoma cruzi

Mastigophora phylum
Tryptomastigote stage
Causes African Sleeping Sickness
Vector = Tse-Tse Fly


Mastigophora phylum
Trophozoite stage

Balantidium coli

Ciliata phylum
Trophozoite stage
Ingestion of cyst causes Balantidium Dysentery

Paramecium caudatum

Ciliata phylum
Trophozoite stage in Conjunction

Plasmodium falciparum

Sporozoa phylum
Ring Stage
Causes Malaria (4 diff species)
Vector = Anopheles Mosquito

Toxoplasma gondii

Sporozoa phylum
Trophozoite stage
Causes Toxoplasmosis

Fungi Classification

By type of Sexual Spore produced

Protazoan Classification

By mode of Motility

Pigment Lab Examples

Micrococcus leteus
Micrococcus roseus
Temperature & Light affect pigment production

Sarcodina Phylum

motile by Pseudopods

Mastigophora Phylum

motile by Flagellates

Ciliata Phylum

motile by Cilia

Sporozoa Phylum

obligate intracellular parasites
non-motile when mature

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