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Connective Tissue Disorders

Risk Factors:
-Cigarette smoke
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-Antigen triggers immune response
-Synovial tissue damage
-Increase in synovial fluid > impaired movement > pain

Targets the synovial membrane - an unknown antigen triggers an immune response, leading to synovial tissue damage. Immune system fails to differentiate self from non-self, causing destruction to the synovium of joints - this inflammation results in a dramatic increase in synovial fluid, impairing movement and causing pain. Synovial membrane becomes thickened and promotes destruction of the joint
Clinical Manifestations:
-Joint pain, swelling
-Morning stiffness
-Muscle weakness
-Scleritis, episcleritis
-Pleural effusion

Insidious onset = vague complaints of joint/muscle pain that evovles into joint pain with synovitis and can lead to destruction/deformity