Motivation and Emotion AP Psych test

The process by which activities are started, directed and continued so that physical ___ met is called
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Tami has an intense interest in food but eats sparingly and with disgust. She has an intense fear of becoming obese, and even though she looks emaciated, she still claims she "feels fat" and refuses to eat enough to maintain even a minimal normal body weight for her frame. She is most likely suffering from _____
In a complete sexual response cyclec. the plateau phase immediately precedes orgasmWhich of the following findings about emotions is well supported by research?a. There are several emotions usedAccording to the Cannon-Bard theory, the experience of an emotiona. occurs simultaneously with physiological arousalIn response to acute or sudden stress the adrenal medulla causes the release of catecholamines which include the neurotransmitters _____ and ____ that circulates in the brain. while the hormones___ and _____ circulate throughout the body.b. Epinephrine, norepinephrine, adrenaline, noradrenalineWhen students perceive the arousal that accompanies test-taking as energizing rather than debilitating, they experience much less anxiety. This is best understood in terms of thee. two-factor theoryWhich of the following is reduced during a fight-or-flight reaction?e. disgestionWhich of the following is considered the most basic of needs?e. obtaining food and waterThe emotions of anger and fear involves similarb. patterns of autonomic arousalAstrid was emotionally aroused by a TV horror movie. She became extremely angry when her younger brother momentarily blocked her view of the screen. When her movie viewing was interrupted by a phone call from her boyfriend, however, she experienced unusually intense romantic feelings. Astrid's different emotional reactions to her brother and her boyfriend are best explained by thed. two factor theoryAccording to the facial feedback hypothesis, when Noah complies with instructions to smile and look happy, it is most likely that ________.d. his positive feelings with increaseThe term catharsis refers to emotionale. releaseMelvin a server at a restaurant, is in the middle of a lunch rush. he is completing orders, serving customers, and seating. he has adapted to this level of stress and is coping. which of the following terms identifies a stage in Hans Selye's general adaptation syndrome that Melvin is currently experiencing?a. resistanceAfter receiving an unexpected A on his psychology test, Jordan was easily persuaded to babysit his little sister while his parents went out for dinner. This best illustratesc. feel good-do good phenomenonAn individual experience a low blood-glucose level would be best advised to do which of the following?b. eat a snackRush hour traffic is to upset stomach as ___ is to ____.d. stressor; stress reactionAn animal will gain weight whenb. its ventromedial hypothalamus is damagedGustav was out for his daily walk when he was approached by a thief who demanded his wallet. He immediately felt an increase in his breathing and heart rate. Which of the following accurately describes Gustav's physiological response?e. alarm reactionLevon has a Type B personality. Which of the following is most likely?e. Levon is slow to angerAttempting to alleviate stress directly by changing the stressor is known asa. problem-focused copingChuck asked Jane out on a date and he offered her two possible options __ to see a movie or to go ice skating. Jane felt a bit stressed about making the decision because she liked both activities. Which of the following conflicts was Jane experiencing?c. Approach-approach