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  1. rig veda
  2. vaishya
  3. brahmin
  4. bhakti marga
  5. vedanta
  1. a The third of the four classes of the caste system, made up of producers, such as farmers, merchants, and artisans.
  2. b Path of devotion
  3. c a system of Hindu philosophy and one approach within Jnana Marga holding that all reality is essentially Brahman
  4. d priest class
  5. e Hinduism's oldest sacred text

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  1. meditation
  2. religious duty and service
  3. freedom, highest goal
  4. big god
  5. cosmic illusion

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  1. Kamapleasure


  2. monismall is one


  3. karma margaPath of knowledge


  4. Brahmacreator


  5. satithe traditional practice of burning a widow on her husband's funeral pyre