GEOL 112 Lab Final key terms

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non-colonialindividual organismPentameral symmetryfive rayed appearanceBilateral symmetryfive rayed appearanceRadial symmetrysymmetrical about a central pointCoiledcone or spiral shapePaleogeographic mapsreconstructions of depositional environmentsGeologic Mapsdistribution of geologic strata exposed on the earths surfaceFirst letterStands for the geologic system (period and epoch) it is a capital letterSecond letterdesignated the name of a specific mapped unit (group or formation) it is a lowercase letterAnticline- Strata bent into convex upward arch - older rocks in middleSyncline- strata bent concave upward - younger rocks in middleStrike- Direction of a formation (bed) in map view - Long line in the symbolDip-Angle and direction of a formation (bed) from horizontal in cross-section -Short line and degrees in the symbolPlate tectonicsMovement of the earth's lithosphere due to continental drift and seafloor spreadingEarth has three layers1. crust 2. mantle 3. coreLithosphereincludes crust and the lithospheric mantle above the MohoAsthenosphereUpper mantleMesosphereLower mantleOuter Coreliquid nickel- iron alloyinner coresolid nick - iron alloy