Health Assessment - Breast and Axillae

What are the geriatric considerations when doing a breast assessment?
pendulous (sagging)
What is the 1st step of BSE?
pt should observe breast in front of mirror with good lighting in 4 positions
*relaxed w. arms at sides
*arms lifted
*hands at hips
*hands pressed together at waist, leaning forward
Caucasian women tend to get breast cancer?
After 40 yrs old
African American clients tend to get breast cancer?
Before 40 yrs old
What cultural groups tend to have the lowest incidence of breast cancer?
Spanish/Asians - but tend to have higher mortality rate if dx'd
When is the best time for women to perform BSE?
5 days after menses
set calendar date
What are the preventions for breast cancer?
Smoking cessation
What are the known risks for breast cancer?
family history
hrt therapy
oral contraceptives
What are some common ways to help control symptoms of fibrocystic breasts?
reduce caffeine, salt, saturated fats
What is the 2nd step of BSE?
palpate breasts while sitting or standing
*soap+water can make easier to palpate
Don't forget axillary tail(Tail of spence)
What is the 3rd step of BSE?
Palpate breasts while lying down
What is the 4th step of BSE?
palpate areolae and nipple