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chapter 2 social studies-review, 5th grade

Great Plains cultural region
a flat region that was covered with waving grass. Very few trees grew there.
large, round huts built over a deep hole. Walls were covered with earth, packed over a wood frame
what did the Plains indians use buffalo for?
meat, clothing, blankets, stew, horns were used for bowls
what did the plains indians live in?
tepees (that were set up by the women. A poles were set up in a circle. The frame was covered with buffalo hides
a sled made of poles tied together; used by the native americans to transport goods across the plains
how did the cheyenne change the way they hunted buffalo after the horse arrived?
buffalo hunting became a major way to gain food. Using a horse made hunting much easier. They could ride close to the buffalo and use his bow and arrow to kill the animals. Later on, the plains indians used guns to hunt buffalo
Lame Deer, Montana
Every fourth of July a North Cheyenne powwow is held here
a gathering of american indians
what caused the plains indians to use horses instead of dogs to pull the travois?
In the 1500's, Spain brought the horse to the regions of the Aztecs and Maya. Some of these horses broke free. By the 1700's the Cheyenne began to tame the descendants of these horses
what caused the plains indians to build homes with earth or buffalo hides?
The land was dry, so they settled their along the river. They lived a life of farming and hunting. They could get water for crops along the river. Buffalo were plentiful for food, clothing and for their homes.
what caused the buffalo to be used to make tepees, clothing, and blankets and bowls
the buffalo were plentiful
why did some tribes raid other tribes to steal their horses?
the horse became so important to the cheyenne. horses could move twice as fast as dogs, and made setting up camp much easier and getting buffalo much easier.
where are cheyenne reservations located today?
present day Montana on a reservation established by the government.
southwest cultural region
texas, new mexico and arizona make up this region
what is the weather like in the southwest cultural region
the weather is hot and dry in this region: arid
Pueblo means what?
who lived in the southwest cultural region?
Hopi, and Zuni, apache, and Navajo
what type of life did the Hopi and Zuni live?
a village way of life, based on farming
which tribes of the southwestern cultural region were NOT farmers?
Apache(were hunters) and Navajo (raised sheep)
which tribe followed the anasazi customs?
the pueblos. their houses looked like apartment buildings, rising several stories off the ground.
what was Hopi housing like?
villages high up on mesas. they had to defend themselves against indians.
who governed the hopi villages?
the men
who owned all the property?
the women
what did the Hopi need to survive in their harsh, dry region?
what did the Hopi believe would bring them rain?
what was the purpose of many of the Hopi ceremonies?
to bring rain
built on a mesa, probably one of the oldest towns in the US.