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Civics test 1 - study for re-take

Why did the first civilization develop in the fertile crescent?
the rich fertile soil of three major rivers (Tigris, Euphrates, Nile)
Which of the statements is true about Hammurabi's Code?
it is one of the oldest, surviving written law codes in existence
Egyptian pharaohs held absolute power over
all Egyptians
which statement best describes Hatshepsut?
first female ruler in human history
which best summarizes the importance of Hammurabi's code?
influenced virtually every system of western government since 1200 BC
another name for the code of laws Moses instituted with the Israelites
Ten Commandments
Why was Cyrus of Persia called Cyrus the Great?
he practiced religious tolerance and let people run their local affairs
Why is the Israelite Kingdom unique in the ancient world?
They were the first truly monotheistic nation-state in the western world
What is the significance of the Battle of Kadesh?
The battle led to the first international peace treaty and alliance in world history between Egypt and the Hittites
One of the popular sayings to emerge from Hammurabi's Code is
an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
The Old Kingdom of Egypt is significant for which achievement?
the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza
How did Darius I prove himself to be a capable leader of the Persian Empire?
he divided his empire into 20 satrapies with royal governors
What is a theocracy?
A government ruled by a god or religious authority
What is true about Hammurabi's code?
more severe codes punished more harshly, public officials must uphold the law, dictated laws about families
What is not true about Hammurabi's code?
it was not handed down on Mt. Sinai (the 10 Commandments were)
Sneferu's early attempts to build a true pyramid ended tragically because
his first attempt collapsed, the second was a bent freak accident
What is the significance of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt under Seti I and Ramesses?
it was during the New Kingdom; those Pharaohs were in charge when Egypt has the most power; military conquests of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria; Ramses II had the battle of Kadesh and the first peace treaty. Moses might have lived during this time
Compare and contrast Old and New Kingdom
during the Old Kingdom, kings had absolute power and were considered gods, this is when a lot of pyramids were built and the capital was moved to Memphis; during the new kingdom, Egypt expanded to have an empire, it was the most prosperous time, and kings were called Pharaohs
Which Kingdom had the greatest influence on development of Egyptian history?
What were Akhenaten's successes?
ruled for 17 years as a Pharaoh, built a city Amarna in honor of the god Aten, father of King Tut, married to Nefertiti, made paintings that seemd natural and surroundings
What were Akhenaten's failures?
he tried to establish a religion centered on the Aten that would be monotheistic (1 god) but it wasn't accepted. Everything was destroyed after his death.
What were Akhenaten's views on monotheism and polytheism?
he tried to make a new religion with only one god.
What was the Egyptian response to Akhenaten's reign?
Egyptians did not like his attempt to change the religion. They destroyed everything when he died and tried to forget about him in their history.
how does Akhenaten compare with other Egyptian pharaohs?
he had a big impact because of his new ideas about religion and art, but he was not praised or respected by the Egyptians in their history.