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How does Jeannie Marie define Missional Intelligence (MQ)?
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As a generalization, what do Eastern Cultures most value?Community, Adaptability and Flexibility, Relational Achievements, Group Decision Making, Community Space, Working and waiting for things and pleasureAs a generalization, what do Western Cultures most value?Individuality, Efficiency, Task Achievement, Individual Decision Making, Personal Space, Instant access to goods and entertainmentAccording to 1 Corinthians 9:20-22, what was the apostle Paul's strategy for 'becoming like' the other culture, so he could enter other cultures well?When I was with Jews, I lived like a Jew to bring Jews to Christ. When I was with Gentiles, who do not follow the Jewish Law, I lived apart from the Law, so I could bring them to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some.According to Philippians 2:6-7, what was Jesus' strategy for 'becoming like' the other, so he could enter other cultures well?Though he was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges, he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being, when he appeared in human form.According to Across the Street and Around the World, five habits that must be cultivated in order to enter other cultures well are...Be intentional with your time and energy, Plan 'unplanned' time, Eat together, Cultivate extreme hospitality, Go with the flow.Being intentional with your time and energy to reach people with the least access to the Gospel, means to...1. Evaluate who you are spending time with and try to include more time and overlap with people who don't know Jesus, and especially those with least access to Jesus. 2. Go be where the people with the lease access are living, working, playing, and eating. 3. Giving up "good things" in order to do "better things" for what God has you focused on in a specific season.According to 2 Samuel 9:11, how did King David illustrate one of the key habits of most Eastern cultures to show honor to his best friend Jonathan's surviving cripple son, Mephibosheth?"And from that time on, Mephibosheth ate regularly at the King's table, like one of his own sons."Four tips that can help you enter a new cultural situation well are...1. Be a dummy. Tell them you don't know and ask for help. 2. Ask "would you...?" instead of "can I...?" Make it third party questions. 3. Don't be the first and don't be the last. Observe and wait, but not too long. 4. If not sin, then do it their way. Which is most of the time.A good example of "if it's not sin, then do it their way?" is...99% of the women are wearing head coverings, and 99% of the men are wearing long pants, even though it's sweltering hot, so you cover your head or wear long pants too.What are ways to make Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist friends right where you live?1. Befriend an international student from a nearby university. 2. Welcome a refugee being resettles near you. 3. Do your leisure activities in places where you know immigrants live. 4. Eat at an ethnic restaurant or shop at an ethnic grocery store.According to Jeannie Marie, if you do these things, it will help peel away a religion to see a relationship...1. Walk through a completely Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist area, asking God what he's already doing there. 2. Visit a mosque, temple, or shrine and talk to a leader with the goal of understanding their point of view. 3. Eat in the home of a Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu Family.What is the prayer called that Muslims pray five times a day, bowing, using a prayer rug and facing East towards Mecca?Salat PrayerWhat do Muslims say in the Salat prayer?In the name of Allah, the entirely Merciful, the especially Merciful. Sovereign of the Day of Judgement. It is you we worship and it is you we ask for help. Guide us to the straight path. The path of those whom you have bestowed your favor. Not of those who have earned your anger, or of those who are astray.If a Muslim asks you, "Are you a Christian?" how could you answer so you can paint a more accurate picture of a Christian in their minds?1. What do you mean by "Christian"? 2. I worship the one true God and I am a follower if Jesus, Isa al Masih. 3. Yes, but probably not the kind of Christian you think.What is true about the honor of a family in most Eastern cultures, including those of Hindus and Muslims?1. If something is done that is wrong, or shameful, if it's not exposed to the public and thus soiling the family name, it might not be considered really wrong. 2. Honor for the family is more important than almost anything else. Even death might be preferable to losing the family honor.Honor for the family is important in all of the major Eastern world religions. What is not an example of this?1. A daughter must marry within her station and tribe, with blessing and often selection by the head of the family, and is intended to strengthen the family line. 2. A younger person must not disagree openly with an older person and must never bring shame on the family by doing something that will make the family look poorly in the eyes of others.According to Timothy Shultz in Disciple making Among Hindus, Hinduism is...A blend of thousands of years of historical influence over societies and communities that include religion practices, but is much more than a religion and is more of a cultural term.Jati is a most important term in Hinduism and means...1. A group of people born into the same closed community, which corresponds to the missional concept of "people group" 2. The family structure that one is born into and cannot change except through marriage. 3. There are thousands upon thousands of Jatis because there are millions upon millions of Hindus.Dharma are the values by which Hindus live and can best be described as...1. The way of life that Hindus most value. 2. Hinduism is not a religion like other religions, but is dharma, dharma being the comprehensive word that includes spiritual, moral, social, and even secular values. 3. A way to define Hinduism- as an organic and living reality, an ancient civilization, a religious aspiration, and cultural tradition.We don't want to import Western Christianity church culture into other cultures. Examples of cultural Western Christian church culture (not wrong, but not mandated by Scripture) we might NOT want to bring into other cultures would be:1. The latest Hillsong and Bethel worship songs in their language. 2. Building a structure so that they have a separate place to meet weekly. 3. Teaching someone to play a guitar or a keyboards so that someone knows how to lead worship. 4. Training a local person to be the teaching pastor.What was the problem and the solution the Jewish followers of Jesus faced in Acts 15 when the Greeks wanted to become followers of Jesus Christ?The problem: Did the Greeks need to be circumcised to show the were now Jewish, and thus therefore true followers of Jesus Christ? The solution: No, they did not have to be circumcised or become Jewish. They could remain Greek and follow Jesus Christ; but they shouldn't eat food offered to idols.Jesus spoke over 100 times in the Gospels about the Kingdom of God (also called the Kingdom of Heaven). How does he describe it?1. Like a mustard seed planted in the ground and grows to become the largest tree. 2. A place where good fish will be separated from the bad fish on Judgement Day by the King of the Kingdom who gets to choose who is who and what is what. 3. A treasure in a field that someone found accidentally. When the person found it, it was so valuable, he covered it top, went and sold all he had to buy that whole field. 4. A Kingdom in which citizens pray blessing over those who persecute them, the poor will inherent the earth, and lust is judged as strongly as a physical affair. 5. A place where people of all races, gender, and economic status are welcome around a table, and eventually there will be really amazing food for everyone. 6. A Kingdom where its citizens have meaningful work and a job to do.The Kingdom of God is now...and not yet. What does that mean?1. Now means we can live out "God's will be done on earth as it in heaven" through the power of the Holy Spirit. 2. But not yet... because there are still too many Kingdom of Self's that are running around not under the authority of the Kingdom of God, and they are doing sinful, selfish things that hurt themselves and others. 3. Now, because God's Kingdom is accessible (but invisible) and not yet because there will be a literal, visible new heaven and new earth, a Kingdom under the rule of God, that people will live on forever.The Kingdom Circles is a good tool to use to...Show someone of another faith background that they o not need to necessarily call themselves Christian and abandon their cultural heritage in order to enter the Kingdom of God.What is true about the Garden of Eden that is also true about the Kingdom of God?1. God gives us meaningful work. 2. God values art, creating things, and beauty. 3. There is a King, meant to steward over the Kingdom. 4. Rest after working hard is a value. 5. We enjoy the presence of God in a personal way.It's respectful to know basic things about major World Religions. In Islam, the following is not true:(NOT TRUE) Their important holidays/traditions include one main event called Eid, which is like Christmas to them, and Ramadan, where they fast for 30 days.It's respectful to know basic things about major World Religions. In Hinduism, the following is not true:(NOT TRUE) Their Holy Books are the Vedas and the Bible.Jesus should be Good News in many ways depending in people's immediate felt need. Some examples of this are...1. Jesus promises his presence through the Holy Spirit to comfort, guide, and convict. 2. Jesus makes it possible for us to be part of a royal family, caring us children, heirs, sons and daughters of God. 3. Jesus offers future revenge to those that torture and kill his followers, and future reward to those that die. 4. Jesus forgives us of our sins, removes our shame, and conquers our fear. 5. Jesus is powerful and can heal, cast out demons, feed the hungry, send angels to comfort, or anything else he chooses to do.In the first four chapters of Seek First by Jeremy Treat he said....That Jesus the King is, "not a vending machine, a cheerleader, or a firefighter." But that he is a King: a servant King, a crucified King, and a resurrected King.In chapter five of Across the Street and Around the World, Jeannie Marie told the story of...How Yusef the Muslim Sheikh bowed his knee to Jesus by accepting the blood of Moses over his family's door.Prayer isn't a one-way street. It's a two-way street with a God who speaks back to us through his Holy Spirit in us. What is the Spirit supposed to do in us?1. He guides us (John 14:26) 2. He convicts us (John 16:8) 3. He encourages us (Acts 19:31) 4. He comforts us (Romans 8:26)We see in scripture that God speaks through scripture ( 2 Timothy 3:16) and through other people (1 Corinthians 14:3) and through circumstances (Jonah 1). We also see God can be creative when he speaks to us. There are stories in the Bible where God spoke through...A burning bush, dreams, a talking donkey, and angels.When doing listening prayer, it's helpful to always ask open-ended questions (NOT yes or no questions) so that God has a chance to say whatever he wants to say. Some helpful open-ended questions are:1. God, what do you want me to know about XYZ? 2. God, how do you see this person or situation? 3. God, how can you name the feeling I have right now? 4. God, what is the lie that I'm believing about this? 5. God, is there a scripture you can bring to mind about XYZ? 6. God, what is the truth about this person or situation? 7. God, is there anything else you want me to know about this?Three cautions so that we don't abuse listening prayers are that 1. We must be patient, sometimes God's timing isn't revealed with what we sense from him. 2. God often speaks to us ore about our heart than our circumstances, and 3. If we can't hear, there's usually a good reason why not. The main reason people cannot hear from God, in addition to a persistent unrepentant sin is:Un-forgivenessEncouragement prayers are easy, simple ways to:Lift someone's spirit, move a conversation deeper, spark a spiritual hunger, and give people a personal experience with the living God.A helpful way to approach someone with an encouragement prayer is:I was praying for you, and I sensed God wanted me to share this with you.Why should we pray for physical healing for people regularly?1. Because Jesus and his disciples and the apostles did it regularly. 2. Because it demonstrates the will of God for people to be well in the Kingdom of God. 3. Because the majority of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists are coming to faith through some kind of supernatural experience with God, including physical healings. 4. God might choose to heal people miraculously. 5. God might give us insight on how the person could be well using nature, people, or practices, or other things the person needs to do.An unique way to pray for healing is to start by first asking God insight how to pray for someone who is sick and what to pray for before diving in saying all kinds of words because we feel like we have to pray for complete healing right away. then something we do NOT want to do is:Believe that if we pray hard enough, long enough, loud enough, with the right words, and with much faith, the person will be completely healed.Most people (including Christians) are walking around with "emotional limps" that hinder their ability to ability to pray with the freedom of Christ because they are not free in specific areas. Inner Healing Prayer is a way for God to being freedom to places of hurt and pain. It is NOT...A new age practice that was redeemed by believers and is something only charismatic people tend to do.Which is NOT a good example of a Spiritual Opener we can say to turn a conversation deeper?What's the name of your favorite sports team?We need to have so many MORE spiritual conversations with people because of the parable of the four soils, the more we speak Spiritual Openers, we'll have a better chance of:Finding the people who are truly interested, uncovering people of peace and the percentage of people coming to faith will increase.A good Bible story to memorize and tell is the story of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke. What "trigger" is NOT related to this story that we can talk about because of the story?Jesus died on the cross and we can go to heaven.According to Jeannie Marie, what are helpful ways to memorize a Bible story?Read it twice, memorize it word for word, tell it to yourself in the mirror, and have it handy to tell anyone and anytime, adjusting the story to match the real life situation.What are the four elements of a really great story for your won Transformation Story to tell?Characters with a before and after change. A plot with a struggle or conflict that turns into a positive result.Three types of transformation stories you can tell are:1. How you entered the Kingdom of God 2. When Jesus saved you from something here on earth 3. Something you learned from God recentlyThe one question you can ask anyone sooner than you think that changes everything:Would you like to read the Bible with me?According to Matthew 28, before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his disciples to:Make disciples and teach these disciples to obey everything I have taught you.When you ask someone from another culture to read the Bible with you, it's a good idea to:Find scripture in their heart language either online or in print and meet once first using a small passage.An effective way for you to read the Bible together with people from other cultures and faith backgrounds is:To ask questions such as: What does this say about God? About humanity? About obeying Him? And let them discover truth for themselves.