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fictional personality created by the author


conflict between opposing forces


hints of events to come later in the story


reason behind character's action


person telling the story


contradiction releases deeper truth


sequence of events in a text

first person point of view

narroratar tells story from their point of veiw

third person point of view

narroratar is outside of the story


central conflict in text

omiscient ( third persom)

narroratar knows all the character's thoughts and feelings

limited ( third person)

narroratar knows one character's thoughs and feelings


character's action, how they behave, or what they do

direct description

narrorator gives description of character


play on words

representation of internal state

representation of character's feelings, representation of character's internal state.

situtational irony

when character or reader expects onething but something else happens

verbal irony

when something said is opposite of what is meant

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