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A scale comprised entirely of half steps is called a ____ scale


An interval smaller than a half step is called a:


The key of a piece is determined:

By the scale used

When a composer shifts the pitch level of an entire work, it is called:


The sign that indicates a pitch should be raised a half step is called a:


The note one half step above G is:

G Sharp

When a composer shifts the key center for part of an entire work, it is called:


How many major scales are there in Western music?


In Western music, dominant and subdominant chords are called ____ chords


The octave is divided the same way in the musical systems of all cultures. T/F


One of the most common scales used in Africa, Far Easter, and Native American music is the:

Penatonic Scale

Harmonies built on the dominant (5th scale degree) have a tendency toward

The tonic

If a major or minor scale is transposed to a different starting pitch, the pattern of half steps and whole steps change. T/F


Music of the Baroque and Classical is mostly


The intervallic distance between G and A is

One whole step

If a composer wants to indicate excitement in a piece of music, what tempo would be appropriate?


Pianissimo would be indicated by the abbreviation


Composers of the 18th and 19th centuries used even less expression marks than there predecessors. T/F


Dynamics determine the _____ at which music is played


If the music is gradually speeding up, the term used to describe this is:


If a composer wants to indicate tempo precisely, a _____ indication is given in the score

Beats per minute

Which of the following would indicate a fast tempo?


Gradually getting softer in music is best indicated by which term in the score?


Which dynamic marking would indicate to the performer to play gradually louder?


A musical sound is perceived at a certain volume and can be measured according to its


Returning to the original tempo after a change in the music is best indicated by what marking in the score?

A tempo

If a composer wants to indicate despair in a piece of music, which tempo is appropriate?


Which term indicates that a piece should be performed very loudly?


Tempo refers to:

The rate of speed

Tempo and dynamic markings are usually given in French. T/F


The tuning system established in the Baroque that made it possible for instruments to play in any key is called?

Equal temperament

The artificially created adult male soprano, popular in the Baroque, is referred to as


The Baroque system of figured bass allowed the performer to:


The Baroque marks the introduction of solo song with instrumental accompaniment, called:


The term "Baroque" means exaggerated, abnormal, or even bizarre. T/F


Baroque art reflects the struggle of the middle classes against the aristocracy


Baroque composers often employed the doctrine of the affections in their works, resulting in:

One mood throughout the piece or movement

What roles did women play in music during the Baroque era?

Singers and composers

Which of the following is a Baroque-era poetic epic?

Milton's Paradise Lost

The Baroque was characterized by deeply felt religious beliefs that led to bloodshed between Protestants and Catholics. T/F


The Baroque era was one of exploration and conquest T/F


The 2 instruments that provided Baroque accompaniment as a paid are referred to as?

Basso Continuo

Absolute monarchy was the main form of European government during the Baroque, one important ruler being Louis XIV of France. T/F


Artists such as Michelangelo created works that demonstrate the Baroque love of drama. T/F


The Baroque was characterized by the predominant use of major-minor tonality. T/F


Dynamic contrasts are achieved in Baroque music through

Forte/piano contrasts and echo effects

As musical instruments developed technically, the level of virtuosity rose in the Baroque


Where was Purcell employed when he wrote Dido and Aeneas?

He was a music teacher in a girls' school

Strozzi's work Amor dormiglione was inspired by

Roman mythology

Dido and Aeneas was first presented by:

A group of girls at a boarding school

Monteverdi was one of the first great composers of opera. T/F


Which musical style best describes the opening line "Thy hand, Belinda; darkness shades me"?

Secco Recitative

Barbara Strozzi was an educated musician from Baroque:


How does Purcell musically depict Dido's grief in this aria?

With a descending, chromatic bass line

Despite being created in England, Purcell's operas were sung in Italian. T/F


The most important new genre of the Baroque was


Dido's aria is in 2 sections. Which text line begins the second section?

"Remember me, but ah, forget my fate"

An aria in an opera is characterized by:

Tuneful and highly emotive melodies

Which is true of an overture?

It is an instrumental introduction to an opera, and it may introduce themes from arias to follow

The text of an opera is known as:


An operatic song in the form A-B-A, which allows for the soloist to embellish the last section, is called a:

De capo aria

The earliest opera plots were drawn from real-life situations. T/F


What is the basis for Monteverdi's opera The Coronation of Peppea?

Roman history

The rejection of Italian opera is reflected in the French opera style associated with the composer Jean-Baptiste Lully. T/F


The libretto for this opera is based on:

The Aeneid

In the aria, Dido sings "Remember me, but ah, forget my fate." What was her fate?

To die

Why does Dido sing a lament at the end of the opera?

Aeneas left her

What is the structural basis for Dido's aria?

Ground Bass

The term "accompagnato," as opposed to "secco," describes a recitative in which:

The orchestra accompanies the recitative

The masque was an English entertainment that combines music and poetry. T/F


Who is considered to be to composer of England's first important opera?


Where is the name cantata derived from?

From the Italian cantare, meaning to sing

Which form describes the overall form of the aria "Rejoice greatly"?

Da capo form

Which voices sing the original chorale tune in the first movement of Cantata No. 140?


What musical element changes in the second section of the aria "Rejoice greatly"?


J.S. Bach's church cantatas all contain solo arias, recitatives, and ___:


What are many of Bach's cantatas are based on what?

Protestant chorale or hymn tunes

Bach spend the last several decades of his life working at St. Thomas's Church in:


Handel's career was solely based on positions held in Germany T/F


Which best describes the text setting on the word "rejoice" in Handel's aria from Messiah?


J.S. Bach had an international career T/F


In the Lutheran tradition, the cantata was performed along with the Gospel reading, sermon, and prayers on:

Most Sundays of the church

The Baroque oratorio evolved out of events that took place during when?


What is Handels most famous opera seria?

Julius Caesar

The energetic instrumental idea that recurs several times between the vocal statements in the first movement of Cantata No. 140 is best described as:


The fourth movement of Bach's Cantata No. 140 features tenor section singing in unison T/F


For what religious occasion was the cantata written?

End of the church year

Who wrote the chorale text and tune for Wachet auf (Sleepers Awake)?

Phillipp Nicolai

Lutheran chorale Wachet auf is in "bar form," which is best described as:


What is the source of the text for Messiah?

Both Old and New Testament

For which church did Back write his cantatas?


Which best describes the texture heard in "Hallelujah Chorus" in Handel's Messiah?

Alternating between homorhythmic and polyphonic textures

Which television program has used the Mouret Rondeau as a theme song?

Masterpiece Theatre

How many movements do Bach's cantasas typically have?

Five to eight

Guarneri, Stradivarious, and Amati were all noted Baroque makers of which instruments?


Which instrument family is NOT heard in the second section of the Alla hornpipe?


What are Handel's best-known orchestral suites?

Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks

What is the standard order of the Baroque Dance Suite?

1. Overture
2. Allemande
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Other Dances (hornpipe, minuet)
6. Gigue (jig)

Baroque trumpets were still "natural," meaning they:

They were without valves

The strings of Baroque violin were made out of:


Which instrument was not utilized in the first performance of Handel's Water Music on the Thames?


Which composer is known for his grand divertissements at the French court?


A Baroque suite is usually a group of dances T/F


The second section of Alla hornpipe differs from the first in that:

The tonality changes and only strings and woodwinds play

What is the structure of the Alla hornpipe from Handel's Water Music?


The Baroque dance inspired by the music of Germany is the:


Where was the Water Music performed on July 17, 1717?

For a royal party on the Thames River

The Allegro movement from the Water Music Suite is in:

Ternary Form

What is the form of Mouret's Roundeau?


What is the tempo heard in the Alla hornpipe from Handel's Water Music?


The Baroque dance inspired by the music of Spain is the:


J.S. Bach and Handel were both masters on which instrument?


The title of the concerto genre is derived from the Latin verb ____, meaning "to contend with."


In the 3rd movement of his concerto, Spring, Vivaldi emulates the sound of bagpipes by incorporating a:


What makes The Four Seasons a programmatic work?

It is based on a set of poems, one for each season

A multi-movement form based on the opposition of one player against a larger group is a:

Solo concerto

The final movement in a Baroque concerto was typically set in what kind of tempo?


The small group of soloists in a concerto grosso is known as the:


What is the unifying procedure in the first movement of the Spring concerto?


The second movement of Vivaldi's Spring concerto depicts the sound of:

A dog barking

Which Baroque composer wrote over 200 solo concertos for violin?

Antonio Vivaldi

The first movement of Vivaldi's concerto Spring is in ____ form


Which Baroque composer was known as the "red priest"?

Antonio Vivaldi

What is the solo instrument featured in Vivaldi's Spring concerto?


Which composer wrote music for the Conservatorio dell'Ospedale della Pieta?


How many movements do standard Baroque concertos have?


The tempo scheme of the movements in Vivaldi's Spring concerto is best described as:

Fast, slow, fast

What are the 2 most popular types of concertos in the Baroque era?

Solo concerto and the concerto grosso

Vivaldi is famous for writing instrumental music that depicts a scene without the use of sung words, a style called:

Program music

How does Vivaldi musically evoke the image of birds in the first movement of the Spring concerto?

With high thrills and running scales

Which term best describes the larger group performing a concerto?


How many concertos make up Bach's Brandenburg Concertos?


The Baroque concerto that is characterized by a solo instrument and orchestra is the:

Solo Concerto

The last work J.S. Bach wrote for the keyboard was his:

The Art of Fugue

A melody that is stated backward is said to be in:


The French style of composition that ushered in the Classical era was the:


What is an example of Bach's contrapuntal writing?

Art of Fugue

Which instrument played a central role in chamber music in the Baroque era?


A new "realistic: style of opera being composed in Italy at the end of the Baroque was known as

Opera Buffa

The toccata is a highly virtuosic form. T/F


Which Baroque keyboard instrument had strings that were plucked by quills?


What term refers to a melody in which the note values are made longer?


A keyboard work for the organ that elaborates on a chorale melody is called a:

Chorale prelude

The first section of a fugue is called the:


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