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Phases of the Moon


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Waxing Crescent
The portion of the moon you can see is waxing, or growing into a crescent shape.
1st quarter moon
You can see half of the sunlit side of the moon (the right side is lit up)
Waxing Gibbous
The moon continues to wax. The visible shape of the moon is called gibbous (when the moon is between first quarter and full moon phases)
Full Moon
The entire sunlit side faces the earth. The time when the moon is fully illuminated.
Waning Gibbous
The portion of the moon you can see wanes, or shrinks.
Third Quarter Moon
You can see half of the moon's lighted side.
Waning Crescent
You can see a crescent once again.
New Moon
Phase of the moon where it is not visible in the sky. The sunlit side faces away from Earth.
Getting BIGGER
Getting smaller

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