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  1. prokaryotes
  2. proteins
  3. flux
  4. patches
  5. neutrons
  1. a Movement of nutrients among pools. Can change over time.
  2. b Particles lacking electric charge
  3. c Ecosystems, communities, or habitat form the landscape and are distributed in complex patterns (a mosaic)
  4. d Single-celled organisms lacking organelles and a nucleus
    Bacteria and archaea
  5. e Long chains of organic molecules called amino acids

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  1. Energy of position
  2. Energy of motion
  3. The process of turning light energy from the sun into chemical energy Carbon dioxide + water + sun's energy is converted into sugars and high-quality energy.
    Low-quality energy is turned into high-quality energy.
  4. The movement of nutrients through ecosystems
  5. contain a membrane-enclosed nucleus and various organelles that perform specific functions
    Plants, animals, fungi, protists

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  1. autotrophsProduce their own food from the sun's energy. Green plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. A.K.A Producers


  2. moleculesProteins, nucleic acid and carbohydrates, lipids are not polymers but are also essential to life, they are all large in size


  3. entropyAn intangible phenomenon that can change the position, physical composition, or temperature of matter


  4. ionsElectrically charged atoms


  5. carbon cycleThe movement of nutrients through ecosystems