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  1. atoms
  2. enzymes
  3. atomic number
  4. patches
  5. landscape ecology
  1. a The smallest components that maintain the chemical properties of the element
  2. b Ecosystems, communities, or habitat form the landscape and are distributed in complex patterns (a mosaic)
  3. c The study of how landscape structure affects the abundance, distribution, and interaction of organisms
  4. d Molecules that promote chemical reactions
  5. e Atoms of each element that have a defined number of protons

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  1. Movement of nutrients among pools. Can change over time.
  2. The process of turning light energy from the sun into chemical energy Carbon dioxide + water + sun's energy is converted into sugars and high-quality energy.
    Low-quality energy is turned into high-quality energy.
  3. Solutions have a pH greater than 7.
  4. Water moves from aquatic and land systems to air
  5. Output that results from a system moving in one direction acts as input that moves the system in the other direction. Input/Output neutralize each others effects, stabilizing the system

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  1. zooplanktonWhere nutrients remain for varying amounts of time


  2. protonsLong chains of organic molecules called amino acids


  3. solutionNo chemical bonding, but is a mixture of substances (i.e., blood, ocean water)


  4. genesRegions of DNA that code for proteins that perform certain functions


  5. starchUsed by plants to store energy, Animals eat plants to acquire it