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  1. net primary production
  2. elements
  3. energy
  4. productivity
  5. atoms
  1. a The smallest components that maintain the chemical properties of the element
  2. b Rate at which autotrophs convert energy to biomass
  3. c An intangible phenomenon that can change the position, physical composition, or temperature of matter
  4. d Energy remaining after respiration, used to generate biomass. Available for heterotrophs
  5. e A fundamental type of matter, a chemical substance with a set of properties, which cannot be broken down into substances with other properties, There are 92 in nature and more than 20 others that have been artificially created

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  1. Output that results from a system moving in one direction acts as input that moves the system in the other direction. Input/Output neutralize each others effects, stabilizing the system
  2. A chemically diverse group of compounds grouped together because they don't dissolve in water Energy, cell membranes, structural support, and hormones
  3. Is a network or relationships among components that interact with and influence one another through the exchange of energy, matter or information
  4. Potential energy held in the bonds between atoms. Potential energy is changed into kinetic energy to produce motion, action, and heat.
  5. Where nutrients remain for varying amounts of time

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  1. atmosphereConsists of all the planet's living organisms and the abiotic (nonliving) portions of the environment with which they interact.


  2. DNA and RNAAll material in the universe that has mass and occupies space


  3. fluxMovement of nutrients among pools. Can change over time.


  4. organic compoundsLack carbon-carbon bonds


  5. potential energyEnergy of motion