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  1. energy
  2. genes
  3. hydrosphere
  4. nucleic acid
  5. kinetic energy
  1. a Directs the production of proteins
  2. b Regions of DNA that code for proteins that perform certain functions
  3. c Energy of motion
  4. d An intangible phenomenon that can change the position, physical composition, or temperature of matter
  5. e Encompasses all water, salt or fresh, liquid, ice or vapor in the surface bodies, underground, and in the atmosphere

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  1. Molecules that promote chemical reactions
  2. Used by plants to store energy, Animals eat plants to acquire it
  3. Proteins, nucleic acid and carbohydrates, lipids are not polymers but are also essential to life, they are all large in size
  4. All material in the universe that has mass and occupies space
  5. An increasing state of disorder. For example, burning a log of firewood transforms the log from a highly organized product into light and heat energy, gases, smoke, and carbon ash.

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  1. phytoplanktonTiny animals that consume phytoplankton


  2. acidicSolutions have a pH less than 7.


  3. ecotonesPositively charged particles


  4. nutrient cycleElements and compounds that organisms consume and require for survival. Stimulate plant production
    Lack of nutrients can limit production.
    Nitrogen and phosphorus are important for plant and algal growth.


  5. isotopesTransitional zones between two ecosystems in which elements of each ecosystem mix