Psychology of Aging Final Exam

Measures of successful aging that assess the emotions of older adults rather than how they think about their lives would include self-ratings of:
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The majority of care provided to patients in residential care facilities is provided by:aidesThe majority of residents in assisted living facilities pay for their costs out of what types of funds?personal savings and pensionsThe majority of home health agencies operate on what financial basis?private, for profitWhich sector of long-term care employs a majority of registered nurses?home health careAs of 2019, there were a reported _____________ individuals, mostly 65 and older, receiving adult day services in the community.266 thousandMedicare falls into which overall category of funding for health care in the U.S.?federally-funded medical and long-term careThe Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for overseeing:federal and state funded health programsIn 2000, the Administration for Community Living was formed by the U.S. federal government to support:?In the OSCAR scorecard, a facility receives a deficiency labeled "L" for which type of violation?widespread conditions that put residents in immediate jeopardyThe number one deficiency in U.S. nursing homes in 2018, involving 45% of all institutions, was:lack of infection controlWhich of the following is a criterion for culture change in nursing homes?allowing residents to have privacyThe definition of death was changed by Nova Scotia in 2019 to incorporate which feature of loss of brain functioning?control and co-ordinate critical functionsWhich law was passed in the United States to serve as a model for individual states to adopt?Uniform Determination of DeathCancer is the leading cause of death for which age group in the U.S.?45-64Which state in the U.S. has the highest age-adjusted mortality rate?West VirginiaResearchers believe that the main reason for the relationship between social class and mortality appears to be due to which factor in lower class occupations?Insufficient choice in determining pace and timing of workPeople with which marital status have the highest age-adjusted mortality rate in the U.S.Never marriedResearchers believe that the main reason for the relationship between education and mortality appears to be due to which factor associated with higher education?Better health and lifestyle habitsA study of mortality rates associated with occupation showed that workers in higher status jobs at the managerial and professional levels were more affected by _____________ than workers in lower status jobs.economic downturnsThe role of the environment in affecting health risk factors was demonstrated in a study showing the effect of ____________ on mortality rates.air pollutionResearch on fitness trackers in older women provided evidence that walking __________ steps can help to lower mortality rates.4,400Older adults who fracture their hips may have double the risk for mortality due to which potential complication?systemic septic infectionThe role of social relationships in mortality was indicated by a study of men showing that network size predicted _____% of the relationship between job status and mortality.27The death ethos of a culture can be inferred, for example, from:belief in the presence of ghostsA cultural anthropologist is search through burial records and photos of gravestones from England in the 1800s. The evidence suggests that the English believed it was noble to die for a cause and that death should be glorified. This evidence is consistent with the ethos of ______ death.beautifulIn Ancient Egypt, the ______________ was considered to be the guidebook to ensure that an individual would be guided through the underworld and into the afterlife.Book of the DeadAccording to the perspective known as ________________ Theory, activating a person's thoughts about death may trigger a set of positive changes, including closer relationships, greater creativity, and more connection to others.Terror ManagementA patient in the final stages of terminal cancer writes out her wishes for the amount of time she will be kept alive before entering hospice care. The ability to exert this degree of autonomy is reflected in the concept of the ___________ death.goodA woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer but she is convinced that, despite the odds, she mother will survive this disease. The medical staff has made it clear that she only has months left to live. It appears that the woman is in which of the Kübler-Ross stages of dying?denialIn the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of dying, people who feel that they could change their odds after being diagnosed with a terminal disease by giving money to charity might be considered to be in which stage?bargainingMaking sense of the story of your life prior to death is a process known as:legitimization of biographyLife support orders as part of an Advance Directive would include directions regarding which bodily functions?digestionWhat is known as "MOLST" in an advance directive refers to which healthcare team orders?medicalA healthcare proxy would be involved in which set of decisions for a dying patient?specific life-sustaining treatmentsIt is most likely that a dying patient would receive palliative care in which treatment setting?hospiceThe Institute of Medicine recommends which approach to delivery of end-of-life care?person-centered