Prepositions of Place


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The dog is ... the chair.
on top of
The chef puts the meatballs ... the spaghetti.
above / over
The lamp is ... the kitchen table. (No contact!)
under / below / beneath / underneath
The cat is ... the chair.
beside / next to / alongside / by
The blue car is parked ... the yellow car.
close to / near
The golf ball is ... the hole.
far (away) from
On the left side, the boy and the bicycle are ... the camera. However, on the right side, the boy and the bicycle are near the camera.
The students and the teacher are all gathered ... the table.
in front of
The Spanish teacher is standing ... the chalkboard.
The deer is standing ... the tree.
at the back / rear of
The lady in red is sitting ... the bus.
inside / in
The cat is ... the box.
In my country, dogs stay ... the house!
The ladder is leaning ... the wall.
down / along
The children are walking ... the path.
opposite / facing / across from
The people are sitting ... each other.
within / inside
No one is allowed ... the perimeter fence.
Mountains are visible ... the trees. (=au delà de)
They are walking ... the tunnel.
The people are walking ... the exit. (dans la direction de)
The offices are ... the first floor.

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