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  1. clandestine
  2. collateral
  3. convoke
  4. countermand
  5. cupidity
  1. a greed for wealth (noun)
  2. b to revoke or cancel by command or order (verb)
  3. c conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods (adj)
  4. d to call together, summon or assemble (verb)
  5. e accompanying, auxiliary, additional (adj)

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  1. to encircle or delineate, to draw boundaries (verb)
  2. to summon as in magic, to bring into view (verb)
  3. of equal extent or duration, proportionate (adj)
  4. agreeable, in agreement as to sound (adj)
  5. to come into opposition with, to deny or oppose (verb with object)

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  1. conciliatoryfriendly or agreeable (adj)


  2. continencefatness, largeness of body (noun)


  3. colloquymany in number (adj)


  4. circumspectprudent, conscious, watchful, discreet (adj)


  5. convivialrelating to a condition present at birth (adj)