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  1. craven
  2. corporeal
  3. comeliness
  4. credence
  5. cupidity
  1. a the state of being attractive, fair, good-looking (noun)
  2. b cowardly (adj)
  3. c solid, tangible (adj)
  4. d belief as to the truth of something (noun)
  5. e greed for wealth (noun)

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  1. mix, or fuse together different elements (verb)
  2. to call together, summon or assemble (verb)
  3. agreeable, in agreement as to sound (adj)
  4. willing or ready to trust to easily (adj)
  5. twisted, confused and intertwined (adj)

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  1. clandestinemix, or fuse together different elements (verb)


  2. continenceto come into opposition with, to deny or oppose (verb with object)


  3. collateralaccompanying, auxiliary, additional (adj)


  4. conjecturethe formation of an idea or theory without proof (verb or noun)


  5. circumspectprudent, conscious, watchful, discreet (adj)