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  1. compunction
  2. cupidity
  3. clandestine
  4. culpable
  5. countermand
  1. a a feeling of uneasiness at a wrongdoing, regret for causing pain, remorse (noun)
  2. b greed for wealth (noun)
  3. c to revoke or cancel by command or order (verb)
  4. d guilty (adj)
  5. e conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods (adj)

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  1. a secret agreement for nefarious reasons, a conspiracy (noun)
  2. willing or ready to trust to easily (adj)
  3. prudent, conscious, watchful, discreet (adj)
  4. mix, or fuse together different elements (verb)
  5. attempting to reconcile or overcome the distrust of (adj)

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  1. convivialrelating to a condition present at birth (adj)


  2. congruitythe state of being appropriate and harmonious (noun)


  3. colloquymany in number (adj)


  4. convolutedtwisted, confused and intertwined (adj)


  5. consummateof equal extent or duration, proportionate (adj)


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