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  1. clandestine
  2. credence
  3. copious
  4. corporeal
  5. countenance (V)
  1. a many in number (adj)
  2. b conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods (adj)
  3. c solid, tangible (adj)
  4. d belief as to the truth of something (noun)
  5. e to permit or tolerate

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  1. willing or ready to trust to easily (adj)
  2. appearance, particularly the face
  3. to encircle or delineate, to draw boundaries (verb)
  4. mix, or fuse together different elements (verb)
  5. guilty (adj)

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  1. cossetto treat as a pet, pamper (verb)


  2. corroborateto confirm (verb)


  3. conciliatorythe state of being appropriate and harmonious (noun)


  4. crescendobelief as to the truth of something (noun)


  5. corpulencefatness, largeness of body (noun)