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PNB 2265 - Unit 12: Reproductive System

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-also has phases driven by hormones from ovary
-always start uterine cycle with menstrual phase (shedding of endometrium -- day 0 lining up with the beginning of follicular phase)
-during this time, there's a drop in progesterone and estrogen and that drop is initiating the degradation/shedding of endometrium (functional layer) -- lasts 7 days, during this time we get development of mature follicle and it's pumping out a lot of estrogen
-that estrogen that's building up during this time is going to signal new growth of functional layer of endometrium -- proliferative phase
-proliferative phase b/c we're reproducing the functional layer
-ovulation occurs on day 14
-at this point, now we have progesterone being secreted from corpus luteum (luteal phase) that's telling the endometrium to maintain and continue activity... so, during this time the spiral arteries are going to continue growing into the functional layer, uterine glands are going to become very active and secrete a lot of glycogen to prepare this nutrient-rich environment
-corpus luteum will only last 14 days; starts to degrade by end of this time so progesterone is dropping off and see a little decline in that buildup of functional layer and then we come back to the beginning... it's going to drop off completely (estrogen) and we get the menstrual cycle starting all over again

>drop in progesterone and estrogen initiates menstrual phase
-estrogen from ovaries signals new growth of functional layer
-progesterone from corpus luteum maintains endometrium growth and activity of uterine glands