Per your textbook, the most important factor in choosing a development strategy is to satisfy users.
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In the Systems Design Phase, you will work on a logical design that will meet the specifications described in the system requirements document.FalseWithin the Design Phase, tasks will include user interface design, system architecture, and _________data designAs presented in the chapter, which of the following answers is NOT a potential "component" of a Report?Business CaseThe goal of systems design is to build a system that is effective, reliable, and _________maintainablePrinted reports, include detail, exception, and _____ reports.summaryThe purpose of systems design is to create a physical model of the system that satisfies the design requirements that were defined during the systems analysis phaseTrueWhich of the answers provided is NOT a "data validation" rule?acquisitionTo "Create an Interface That Is Easy to Learn and Use" you should: 1. Focus on system design objectives 2. Create a design that is easy to understand and remember 3. Provide commands, actions, and system responses that are consistent and predictable 4. Clearly label all controls, buttons, and icons 5. Select familiar images that users can understand, and provide on-screen instructions that are logical, concise, and clear. 6. AND _____________ 1.7 Show all commands in a list of menu items, but dim any commands that are not available to the user 1.8 Make it easy to navigate or return to any level in the menu structureAllow users to correct errors easilyReports sShould provide totals and subtotals for numeric fields.True"If (departure_date <= return_date" Is an example of a data __________combination checkNetworks allow the sharing of hardware, software, and data resources in order to reduce expenses and provide more capability to usersTrueIn determining system architecture, consideration should be given to: Initial and total cost of ownership (TCO) Scalability Web integration AND _______Legacy System Interface Requirements____________ architecture divides processing between one or more clients and a central serverClient ServerMainframes are no longer relevant.False________ is the most popular LAN topology.StarSystem architecture marks the end of the systems design phase of the SDLC Final activities in the systems design phase include: Preparing a system design specification Obtaining user approval And ________Delivering a presentation to managementA system's ability to expand, change, or downsize easily to meet the changing needs of a business enterprise is referred to as __________.ScalabilityA typical system design specification typically includes the following sections: Management Summary System Components System Environment Implementation Requirements AND ____________Time and Cost EstimatesCloud computing requires significantly more bandwidth (the amount of data that can be transferred in a fixed time period) than traditional client/server networksTrueWith a ______ network: Each node connects to every other node Extremely reliable but very expensive to install and maintainMeshThe "Implementation" (phase 4) includes: application development, documentation, testing, training, data conversion, AND ?System ChangeoverDuring System Installation and Evaluation, we must prepare a separate operational and _________ environment.TestSystem changeover is the process of putting the new system into operation.True________ perform desk checking, code review, and unit testing tasks during application developmentProgrammers______ measures a module's scope and processing characteristics.cohesion________ development is the process of constructing the programs and code modules that serve as the building blocks of the information systemapplication_________ describes the degree of interdependence among modulesCouplingThe testing of an individual program or module is referred to as ________ testing.unitThe least expensive changeover method is usually _________Direct CutoverThe MOST expensive changeover method is usually _________Parallel OperationThe text discusses system security at six levels: physical security, network security, application security, file security, user security, and ________?procedural securityPer your text, their are four types of maintenance: corrective adaptive preventive and ____________perfectiveAll information systems eventually become obsolete.TrueService Desks (Help Desk) enhance productivity and improve utilization of a company's information resources, and is a central contact point for all IT maintenance activities (determines "next step" in resolving "issue". What are its 3 main objectives per your text: Show people how to use system resources more effectively Make users more productive by teaching them how to meet their own information needs AND?Provide answers to technical or operational questionsWhich maintenance type has a "high" probability of occurrence immediately after implementation?CorrectiveSystems support and security covers the entire period from the implementation of an information system until the system is up and running successfully.FalseThe total cost of operating an information system includes operational and ________ costs.maintenanceChanging an operational system to make it more efficient, reliable and maintainable is an example of ________ maintenance.perfectiveThe IT Department normally initiates this type of maintenance.preventiveWhich type of "security threat" uses advanced skills to attack computer systems with malicious intent (black hat) or to expose flaws and improve security (white hat)?Hacker