psychology # 3

If your ____ is destroyed, the left side of your brain could not control the movements of your right hand.
The reticular formation is located in the ;
Severing a cat's reticular formation fromhigher brain regions causes the cat to ;
lapse into a coma
Which region of the brainstem takes you to a state of arousal when someone nearby mentions your name ?
Reticular formation
Which brain strucuture receives information from att the senses except smell ?
Which brain structure relays information from the eyes to the visual cortex ?
The brains electrical oscillations, which slow during sleep, are coordinated by the;
The "little brain" attached to the rear of the brainstemm is called the;
After Kato's serious motorcycle accident, doctors detected damage to his cerebellum. Kato is most likely to have diffculty ;
Playing his guitar
A doughnut shaped system of neural structures at the border of the brainstem and cerebral hemispheres is known as the ;
Limbic system
Which of the following is the component of the limbic system that plays an essential role in the formation of new memories;
The brainstem is to arousal as the limbic system is to ;
To demonstrate that brain stimulation can make a rat violently aggressive, a neruoscientist should electically stimulate the rat's ;
A brain tumor caused extensive damage to Mr. Thorndike's hypothalamus. It is most likely that he may suffer a loss of ;
Sexual Motivation
The brain structure that provides a major link between the nervous system and the hormone system is the ;
Olds and milner located "pleasure centers" in the brain structure known as the ;
Addictive drug cravings are likely to be associated with reward centers in the ;
limbic system
Your consious awareness of your own name and self-identiy depends primarily on the normal functioning of you ;
cerebral cortex
One function of glial cells is to ;
provide nutrients to interneurons
Which lobes of the brain receive the input that enables you to feel someone scratching your back ?
The surgical removal of a large tumor from Dane's occipital lobe results in extensive loss of brain tissue. Dane is most likely to suffer some loss of ;
Visual perception
Auditory stimulation is first processed in the ___ lobes
The occipital lobes are to ____ as the temporal lobes are to ____ .
The sens of hearing is to the ____ lobes as the sens of touch is to the ___ lobes
The motor cortex is located in the ____ lobes
A laboratory cat could be made to twitch its whiskers by direct stimulation of the ____ lobes of its cereral cortex .
which of the following body parts is associated with the greatest amount of brain tissue in the motor cortex?
An area at the front of the parietal lobes that receives information from the movement of the body parts is called the ;
sensory cortex
The sensory cortex is most critical for our sense of ;
which part of your brain receives information as to whether you are moving your legs?
sensory cortex
The experience of auditory hallucinations by people with schizophrenia is most closely linked with the activation of areas in their ;
temporal lobes
The association areas are loacted in the ;
Cerebral cortex
The most extensive regions of the brain, which enable learning and memory, are called the ;
association areas
After he suffered a stroke, Mr. Santores physical coordination skills and responsiveness to sensory stimulation quickly returned to normal. Unfortunatley, howeve, he began to experience unusual difficulty in scheduling his daily activities and solving simple problems. It is most likely that Mr. Santore suffered damage to his;
Association areas
The process of anticipating that you will be punished for misbehaving takes place withing the;
association areas
the process of anticipating that you will be punsihed for misbehaving takes places within the ;
association areas
the ability to recognize familiar faces is disturbed by damage to the right ___ lobe
An impaired use of language is known as;
The part of the cerebral cortex that directs the muscle movements involved in speech is known as ;
Broca's area
AFter miguels recent automobile accident, doctors detected damage to his cerebral cortex in Broca's area. It is likely that miguel well have diffuclty ;
Speaking fluently