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week 3, lecture 2

What is a line spectrum?

a snapshot in time

What is a spectrum?

shows the ingredients of a sound at a single point in time

Can a spectrum show the progression of a signal over time? Why?

no, it is not a time domain display

What is a graph showing the distribution of signal energy as a function of frequency? (a plot of intensity by frequency)


What Fourier analysis is typically represented as a ?


What can a spectrogram show us?

how the frequency components of the signal change over time

T or F: A spectrogram can show individual spectral slices that are arranged side by side over time.


What 3 parameters does a speech spectrogram show us? It is called 3-D for this reason.

time, frequency, intensity

What does a speech spectrogram show us?

how the strength in each range of frequencies is changing or evolving over time

On a speech spectrogram, how is intensity represented?

darker = stronger intensity

What does a spectrogram combine?

time and frequency

When sampling, your sample rate needs to be what in order to accurately record and reproduce it?

twice the frequency of the highest component frequency

On a spectrogram, the frequency display on the y-axis is limited to what?

the Nyquist frequency, or the highest frequency component you were able to save and reproduce

What is the Nyquist frequency?

half the sample rate

A wide band spectrographic analysis gives you good _____ detail.

time or temporal

A narrow band spectrographic analysis gives you extremely good ____ resolution.


Can you have good time and frequency detail on a 3D spectrogram display?


What type of analysis allows us to have good time, or temporal detail?

wide band analysis

What type of analysis allows us to have good frequency detail?

narrow band analysis

A ____ Hz bandwidth is referred to as a wide band spectrogram.


What type of bandwidth analysis shows individual vertical glottal pulses (vertical striations)?

wide band

A ____Hz bandwidth is referred to as a narrow band spectrogram?


What type of bandwidth analysis shows horizontal lines that represents harmonics of the voice, separates them out?

narrow band

What are some anatomical structures that cause the uniqueness of your own voice?

larynx, vocal tract, articulators

How much higher are women's voices than mens?

an octave

Why are men's voices lower?

their vocal cords are larger

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