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Sewing Tool Quiz

Sewing and Design... the tools to know.
protects your fingers during hand-sewing
storage for pins- also have magnetic
picture only
All-purpose sharp
picture only
Straight pins
general sewing (sometimes multi-colored heads)
Quilting pins
1 3/4" long... extra length good for bulky fabrics
Transparent Ruler
allows you to see what you are measuring and marking...good for checking grainline
should be hardwood or metal
Fabric-Marking Chalk
easily removable from fabric
Flexible Measuring Tape
for fabrics with shape and dimension (don't want stretchy)
Bent-Handled Dress-Making Shears
used for cutting fabric shapes... the lower blade is angled and lets the fabric rest on it
Sewing Scissors
Sewing scissors have one pointed and one rounded tip for clipping threads and trimming and clipping seam allowances.
Seam Ripper
quickly removes stitches and opens button holes
Rotary Cutter
works like a pizza cutter (lefty's and righty's).. probably sharper than a pizza cutter
Rotary Cutter Mat
self-healing, protects work surface and blade of cutter
Pinking Shears
used for finishing seams. cut in zigzag or scalloped pattern, instead of straight line.