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implacablenot to be satisfied or pacified; unyielding s: relentless, inexorable, unappeasable a: lenient, indulgent, permissive, flexibleinfinitesimalso small as to be almost immeasurable; minute s: tiny, minuscule, microscopic, unnoticeable a: vast, immense, huge, infiniteinnocuousharmless, inoffensive; insignificant s: feeble, impotent, unobjectionable, insipid a: harmful, dangerous, pernicious, toxic, virulentmilitate(v.) to have effect or force on or against someone or something, fight against s: counter, oppose, work againstpatent(n.) exclusive rights over an invention; copyright; (v.) to arrange or obtain such rights; (adj.) plain, open to view; copyrighted s: exclusive license; evident a: concealed, hidden, secret, clandestineprowess(n.) distinguished bravery; superior skill or ability s: valor, courage, heroism, mastery, proficiency a: cowardice, incompetence, ineptitudesedate(adj.) quiet, settled, sober; (v.) to administer a tranquilizer s: unruffled, composed, cool and collected a: loud, brash, flashy, flamboyant, garish, flightystentorianextremely loud s: thundering, booming, deafening, earsplitting a: hushed, inaudible, whispered, mutestipulate(v.) to arrange specifically; to require as a condition of agreement s: specify, contract, provide forultimatuma final proposal or statement of conditions s: final terms