AP test chapters 22-23

The placental membrane is composed of
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where do sperm cells mature inepididymisundifferentiated spermatogenic cells are called?spermatogoniaWhere does fertilization occur?oviducthormone responsible for male development and maintenance secondary sex characteristics?testosteronewhich is not a male secondary sex characteristic?deposition of adipose tissue in the thighs and buttockthe epididymis is atightly coiled tube on the outside of the testis and is the location for sperm maturationtubular part of the uterus that extends downward into the upper vagina is thecervixductus venosus is a fetal vessel that transports blood from the umbilical vein to theinferior vena cavawhat is the function of hCG?Prevents the corpus luteum from degenerating, keeps blastocyst from being rejectedthe first step in oogenesis is aprimary oocyte divides to form a secondary oocyte and a polar bodyin females, which structure is immediately anterior to the vagina?urethraThe hormone mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual characteristics isestrogenabout time the time of ovulation, the anterior pituitary gland releases a surge ofLHsigns of menopause includeshrinking of the vagina, uterus, and breasts.Undescended testes cause infertility becausesperm are exposed to internal body temperature and are damaged by the heat.which is a chemical barrier for contraceptive?spermicidal creamin the reproductive cycle, estrogen ________ whereas progesteronestimulates uterine wall development, stimulates the uterine lining to become more glandularwhat regulates labor?positive feedbackin fetal circulation, blood flows from ________ intoductus arteriosus, descending aortathe hormones that maintain the uterine wall during the last 5 to 6 months of pregnancy areplacental estrogen and progesteroneamniotic fluidprotects the fetuscorrect sequence of cell division?prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophasewhere does synapsis occur?prophase Imeiosis is necessary becauseotherwise the fertilized ovum will have too much genetic material.The gubernaculum guides the testis through the ________ canal.inguinalwhat is the number of sperm cells from primary spermatocyte?4head of sperm is mostlynucleuswhich of the following structures is unpaired?prostate glandsemen consists ofsemen secretions, alkaline, prostaglandins, nutrientsthalidominecan cause fetal limb defectshuman lifespan120 yearsthe period of pre active dying takesup to 3 monthswhich of the following is not a characteristic of childhood?becoming reproductively functionalwhere is amniotic fluid found? what are the functions?placenta, exchanges of water and chemicals between fluid, the fetus, and maternal circulationthe term newborn refers to the period from birth through ________ whereas the term infant refers to the period from ________the first four weeks, the first month to one yearthe ductus arteriosus allows fetal blood to move from thepulmonary trunk into the aortathe postnatal period extends frombirth to deathhuman prenatal development takes38 weeksinnermost layer of the uterus?endometriumfertilization usually occurs in theuterine tube