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Which most accurately states the purpose of coding?
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Which of the following is the most widely used filing system for medical practicesSubjectWhen using a fire extinguisher, what does the acronym PASS mean?Pull, Aim, Squeeze, SweepIn which of the following situations is it permissible to release information from a patient's recordsWhen a court requires it by means of a subpoenaA patient complaining of symptoms including difficulty and painful breathing is experiencing which of the following conditionsDyspneaProfesional negligence is also calledMalpracticeWhich body system is indicated by the root word cardi/oCardiovascularWhich directional plane divides the body into top and bottom halvestransverseWhat is the first step to locating a diagnostic codeChoose the main term within the diagnostic statementChoose the communication that is used mostly interofficememorandumWhat classification system is used for inpatient and outpatient diagnosis codingICD-10-CMAt what point in time do you use an automated external defibrillatorOn a person who is having sudden cardiac arrestWhat is the meaning of the acronym cprCardiopulmonary resuscitationIn treating a chemical burn what would be the first course of action to takeFlush area with waterChoose the business letter format in which all information starts at the left margin on the pageFull blockWhat is preferred provider organization insuranceHealth care providers that have discounted rates for providing servicesWhen it comes to insurance what type of insurance automatically needs authorization before a procedure can be coveredAll insuranceIn order to find a patient what is the best way to look up a patientLook up by social security numberWhen scheduling a patient what should be considered first when beginning to scheduleType of insuranceA client call while there is a patient in front of you what is the best way to handle both peopleAsk the person on the phone to hold on and tell patient you will be right with themIf there is a window by the reception area, what is the best recommendation?Keep it closedIn large facilities the patient may call and be connected to recorded voice that provides options to specific departments what is this feature calledAutomated routingWhich of the following medical word parts mean eyelidBlephar/oUpcoding is:Billing more than the proper fee for a serviceThe suffix gravida refers topregnancyThe prefix intra meanswithinWhich of the following suffixes means weakness-astheniaWhich of the following prefixes is matched correctly with its meaningPeri/aroundThe abbreviation for the word diagnosis isDxWhich of the following suffixes means inflammation-itisChoose the answer that contains all the standard elements for an office memorandumHeading, date, to, from, subject, body, copyIn a block style letter the inside address isFlush leftwhen making entries into a patients medical record, all entries should be?initialed by the person making the entryA young female patient returned to the doctors office to find out results of pregnancy test you check and realize she is only 15 her parents are with her how should you proceed when she asks if you know the results of her testTell her to wait for the doctor to discuss with herBooking several patients around the same block of time is known asCluster schedulingWhen first attempting to collect a debt by telephone you shouldspeak only to the patient or l;eave only your first name and numberWhich type of communication is considered an informal type of correspondenceMemoMethod of scheduling that works for patients who do not need specific appointment times is known asModified wave schedulingWhen to or more patients are scheduled to see the same health care provider at the same time is known asDouble bookingThe word used in medical terminology to mean "toward the midline of the body" ismedialWhich term is used in a medical terminology to describe front or in front ofanteriorAccounts receivable isA record of all monies due to the practiceThe first step in giving first aid to patient who appears to have stopped breathing is toCheck for a pulseIt is unsafe to use credit account numbers on purchase madeOver the phoneYou are typing an operative report and notice a word that does not look right choose the correct spellingAbscessThe forms are to be filed in a When the order of the record reads like a diaryReverse chronological date orderWhich of the following information includes diet smoking history and alcohol consumptionsocial historyPatients medical records cannot be released withoutThe patients signed consentThe amount that an insurance company may say is not allowed and not the responsibility of the patient for a contracted physician would be identified as this on a patient's accountAn adjustmentConversion of the doctors notes to medical reports is known asTranscriptionWhat does the inside address in a typewritten letter need to includeThe name and address of the person receiving the letterWhich of the following suffixes indicates surgical removalEctomyThe root word path/o meansDiseaseThe principal advantage of the using the wave method when designing the scheduling process is that itallows flexibility to accommodate the unpredictableThe way to organize appointment scheduling so that it best supports the success of the practice is toconsider the preferences of the physicianverbal facial expressions or body language, such as a nod of understanding are calledfeedbackThe principal message that you will give a patient if you avoid eye contact while communicating is that youAre in a hurryThe principal reason for requesting feedback when communicating with patient is to determine whetherUnderstand what is being saidWhich of the following might you purchase using petty cashCotton swabsThe root word megal meansEnlargedThe term basophils refers toAn over abundance of the particular white blood cell in the peripheral bloodAfferent nerve meansCarrying an impulse to the brainWhen medical administrative assistants are able to adapt to various situations they are considered to beFlexibleFaithfulness or allegiance to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product is called:loyaltyAn optional health benefits program offered to persons signing up for Social Security benefits is:Medicare Part BYou are beginning your externship in a large office that has three medical administrative assistants what is the best way to learn about your job responsibilitiesAsk for a job description and clear directions for daily activitiesWhich is an appropriate place to store the crash cart in the medical facilityAt the nurse stationWhat information is needed to fill out a CMS-1500 claim formDiagnostic codes from encounter formThere are three I como calls and the medical assistant must prioritize them in the order of importanceTriagingHow have the advancement of medical technology and the increased use of computers influence the medical professionThey have provided fewer work opportunities for medical assistants in hospitals settingsWhat does CDC stand for?Center for Disease ControlAt a minimum how many exists in the medical facility should be identified as fire exist2Also known as POMR is a method of tracking the patient's problem during the time they are receiving medical careProblem oriented medical record chartingSOAP is an acronym that stands forsubjective, objective, assessment, planI'm the event that a group of patients are scheduled to come in to receive the same type of service the medical assistant should schedule the patients around the same block time a method known asMultiple schedulingThe method of scheduling in which one patient is scheduled for a specific appointment time is known as:Fixed appointment schedulingAna has not received care from any of the healthcare providers of the same specialty within the previous three years which type of patient is sheNewEligibility for a dependent requires that he or she isUnmarriedWhich of the following statements is true under the doctrine of respondent superiorThe physician is responsible for any errors made by the medical staffThe insurance carrier is allowed to use any method to determine the amount of the service also known as theAllowed amountAn elderly patient collapse in the reception area you are the only medical Administrative assistant at The front desk what is your first stepApproach the patient to take pulseThe term refers to the list of changes of each of providers servicesThe scheduleWhat is a clean claimA claim that has no billing or coding errorsFamily members such as spouse or children that are covered under the members insurance policy are knownBeneficiariesThe person who knows the insurance is known as each of the following exceptDependentIs usually sponsored and particularly paid by an employerGroup health insuranceA patient finally rolls up their sleeve to give a blood sample which of the following best describes the form to consent the patient provided through this actionImplied consentVeterans with service related disabilities are eligible of care under which of the following programsCHAMPVA