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  1. Divisions of Major Label
  2. Marketing
  3. Producer royalties record 1
  4. Other advances
  5. Non interactive webcasting
  1. a recording costs, video production, etc.
  2. b A & R, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, New Media, digital, Finance, Business Affairs/Legal, promotion
  3. c am/fm radio
  4. d producer is paid on all records sold after recoupment and calculated from artists net
  5. e Creates overall marketing plan

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  1. twice a year
  2. sales less than 100,000, had a record deal but lsot it, never had a record deal
  3. 50-66.66%
  4. clause that allows a record label to take artist royalties earned from oen album and apply them to any recoupable advances or cost incurred
  5. wholesaler that sells physical copies of record to stores.

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  1. DPD's-digital downloads royaltieslabel gets 65-70 cents per downlaod & artist gets their royalty (EX: 10% 7 cents)


  2. new artis royaties3 to 4% of wholesale


  3. basic royaltyartist based on wholesale


  4. superstar recording costsales increasing 1 million


  5. mixinggetting the correct level for each track