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  1. album cover artwork
  2. mid level artist
  3. soundscan?
  4. A&R?
  5. basic royalty
  1. a album sales 250K-500K, new artist being chased
  2. b Artists & Repertoire department in charge of finding talent
  3. c measures record sales
  4. d artist based on wholesale
  5. e consultation-label will disucss with artist. Approval-artist must approve. right to create-artist can create their own artwork.

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  1. % of royalties held back for possible returned records
  2. the process of keeping artist royalty monies to pay back an advance
  3. contracts, negotiates, makes decisions
  4. Free Goods, Reserves, Packaging, Net Sales
  5. studio albums, recorded during term, mechanical licensing

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  1. Producer royalties record 1producer is paid on sales after recoupment of recording, calculated form artists all in rate


  2. guaranteed release clause% of royalties held back for possible returned records


  3. art departmenta contract where label takes a percentage of artist earning from all or most of the artist income. 10-35% of artist net income.


  4. greatest hits advancesum of money pd to an artist by the record label.


  5. multi trackcollection of separate tracks