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  1. All In Royalties
  2. wholesale distributor?
  3. guaranteed release clause
  4. Major terrotires royalties
  5. pressing & distribution deals
  1. a UK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Holland, Germany, France 70-75%
  2. b agreement where artist or company hires another compay to manufacture records and distribute them.
  3. c artist is responsible for paying producer and miser out of his record royalties
  4. d buy from manufacturing co. & sell to reatil stores.
  5. e does not obligate the label to release, but allows artist to be released

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  1. studio albums, recorded during term, mechanical licensing
  2. buy from distributors and sell to mom & pop
  3. 10% for breakage
  4. recording costs, video production, etc.
  5. 50-66.66%

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  1. greatest hits advancenew artist 25K, midlevel 50K superstart 100K


  2. album cover artworktakes care of all the art work. album covers, advertisements, store displays.


  3. escalationsto increase royalties at certain sales levels


  4. Free goodsbuy from distributors and sell to mom & pop


  5. Producer royalties3 to 4% of wholesale