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  1. producer advances
  2. product managment
  3. Producer royalties record 1
  4. Retailer
  5. Major terrotires royalties
  1. a new 0-10K, midlevel 40-50K, superstar 75-150K
  2. b stores that stock and sell records. physical or digital
  3. c gets all departments to work together to push an artits album. coordination.
  4. d producer is paid on all records sold after recoupment and calculated from artists net
  5. e UK, Australia, Italy, Japan, Holland, Germany, France 70-75%

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  1. the orginal recording made in the studio/an artist recording of one particular song
  2. Free Goods, Reserves, Packaging, Net Sales
  3. wholesale, one-stop, rack jobbers, licensees
  4. am/fm radio
  5. buy from distributors and sell to mom & pop

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  1. Advancessum of money pd to an artist by the record label.


  2. new artis royatiessales less than 100,000, had a record deal but lsot it, never had a record deal


  3. platinum albumone million in sales in the us


  4. greatest hits advancenew 0-10K, midlevel 40-50K, superstar 75-150K


  5. Recordany kind of delivery of music for consumer use