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  1. multi track
  2. Cons to major label
  3. mixing
  4. streaming on demand
  5. bullets
  1. a getting the correct level for each track
  2. b cannot copy, may be free, listner can select songs in a database
  3. c dot or star next to a records number on a major trade
  4. d collection of separate tracks
  5. e artist less likely to have control, large royalty to label, slow decision making, artist ideas less likely to be heard

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  1. % of royalties held back for possible returned records
  2. Artist creates a corporation which then signs with the label
  3. rock band 100K to 250K, urban/hip hop/pop advance & recording cost
  4. recording costs, video production, etc.
  5. artist based on wholesale

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  1. Label key termsdot or star next to a records number on a major trade


  2. eqingequalizing adjusting the bass, midrange & treble to suitable levle


  3. escalationsprocess of cutting out the undesired parts & splicing in the desired parts


  4. rack jobberslease floor space in box stores


  5. independant consartist likely to have control, less royalty to label, faster decisions, artist is heard


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