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  1. Producer royalties
  2. 360 deal
  3. distribution methods
  4. mid level artist
  5. superstar
  1. a 3 to 4% of wholesale
  2. b wholesale, one-stop, rack jobbers, licensees
  3. c album sales 250K-500K, new artist being chased
  4. d sales increasing 1 million
  5. e a contract where label takes a percentage of artist earning from all or most of the artist income. 10-35% of artist net income.

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  1. 50-66.66%
  2. buy from manufacturing co. & sell to reatil stores.
  3. label gets 65-70 cents per downlaod & artist gets their royalty (EX: 10% 7 cents)
  4. responsible for dealing with the newer aspects of the industry
  5. sum of money pd to an artist by the record label.

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  1. Who doesn't need a labelniche artist


  2. Finance departmentcompute and pay royalties, track labels income and expense


  3. new artistthe amount of unrecouped monies


  4. gold albumdot or star next to a records number on a major trade


  5. product managmentgets all departments to work together to push an artits album. coordination.