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  1. recoupment
  2. sideperson performance
  3. cross collateralization
  4. Loan out deal
  5. delivery requirments
  1. a the process of keeping artist royalty monies to pay back an advance
  2. b studio albums, recorded during term, mechanical licensing
  3. c back up vocals, label gets credit,
  4. d clause that allows a record label to take artist royalties earned from oen album and apply them to any recoupable advances or cost incurred
  5. e Artist creates a corporation which then signs with the label

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  1. artist based on wholesale
  2. wholesaler that sells physical copies of record to stores.
  3. artist likely to have control, less royalty to label, faster decisions, artist is heard
  4. contracts, negotiates, makes decisions
  5. does not obligate the label to release, but allows artist to be released

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  1. independant consto increase royalties at certain sales levels


  2. DPD's-digital downloads royaltieslabel gets 65-70 cents per downlaod & artist gets their royalty (EX: 10% 7 cents)


  3. wholesale distributor?buy from manufacturing co. & sell to reatil stores.


  4. superstar18% to 20% of wholesale


  5. platinum album500,000 in us sales