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  1. new media
  2. new artis royaties
  3. business affairs
  4. Promotion
  5. Packaging percentage
  1. a 13% to 16% of wholesale
  2. b main purpose is getting the reocrd lables artist played on the radio. may also work with vidoe play
  3. c 20-25%
  4. d responsible for dealing with the newer aspects of the industry
  5. e contracts, negotiates, makes decisions

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  1. rides on top of the artists deal-will be taken out of artist royalties. (demo deal remibursement)
  2. the orginal recording made in the studio/an artist recording of one particular song
  3. stores that stock and sell records. physical or digital
  4. 10% for breakage
  5. agreement where artist or company hires another compay to manufacture records and distribute them.

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  1. Loan out deala contract where label takes a percentage of artist earning from all or most of the artist income. 10-35% of artist net income.


  2. What are reserves?% of royalties held back for possible returned records


  3. ROW (Rest of World)any kind of delivery of music for consumer use


  4. guaranteed release clause% of royalties held back for possible returned records


  5. Who doesn't need a labelniche artist