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  1. Lyric Poetry
  2. Idyllic
  3. Convention
  4. Jargon
  5. Limited Narrator
  1. a the specialized language or vocabulary of a particular group or profession
  2. b characterized by emotion, subjectivity, and imagination; song-like
  3. c the accepted form or style
  4. d an adjective to describe a description of a picturesque country life, an idealized story of happy innocence. Also referred to as Pastoral.
  5. e a narrator who presents the story as it is seen and understood by a single character and restricts information to what is seen, heard, thought, or felt by that one character.

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  1. a particular type of interior monologue, is an attempt to represent the inner workings of a character's mind, to re-create the continuous, chaotic flow of half-formed and discontinuous thoughts, memories, sense impressions, random associations, images, feelings, and reflections that constitute a character's consciousness
  2. a unified, direct poem with a sharp or singular point
  3. a long narrative poem written in elevated style which presents the adventures of characters of high position and episodes that are important to the history of a race or nation.
  4. two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme and are written in the same meter, or pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
  5. the struggle between opposing forces. A conflict can be an internal struggle within a character, or external struggle brought on by something outside the character

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  1. Moodthe basic unit of rhythmic measurement in a line of poetry


  2. MetonymyThe patterned repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables


  3. Verbal Ironythe "greater forces" are indifferent to or ineffective in the human condition


  4. Flashbacka story that concerns an unreal world or contains unreal characters; a fantasy may be merely whimsical, or it may present a serious point.


  5. Metaphora direct comparison of two different things. An extended metaphor is a metaphor that continues throughout the work and may be the controlling or central idea in the work


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