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  1. Heroic Couplet
  2. Motivation
  3. Verbal Irony
  4. Homily
  5. Gothic Novel
  1. a what is said and what is meant
  2. b a sermon, or a moralistic lecture.
  3. c a character's incentive or reason fir behaving in a certain manner; that which impels a character to act
  4. d A type of novel characterized by mystery, horror and the supernatural, often with haunted castles. Secret passage ways, ghosts, etc.
  5. e two rhymed lines in iambic pentameter that are a complete thought.

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  1. repetition of a consonant sound in any position.
  2. excessive pride or arrogance that results in the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy.
  3. running over of a sentence from one line or stanza to another.
  4. mysterious double.
  5. an interjection to lend emphasis; sometimes, a profanity

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  1. MeterThe patterned repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables


  2. Metonymysubstituting the name of one object for another object closely associated with it ("The pen [writing] is mightier than the sword [war/fighting]")


  3. Epica long narrative poem written in elevated style which presents the adventures of characters of high position and episodes that are important to the history of a race or nation.


  4. Imagerythe use of figures of speech to create vivid images that appeal to one of the senses.


  5. Fablea brief story that leads to a moral, often using animals as characters.