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  1. Interior Monologue
  2. Enjambment
  3. Elegy
  4. Motif
  5. Idyllic
  1. a running over of a sentence from one line or stanza to another.
  2. b a formal poem presenting a meditation on death or another solemn theme. A dirge is a similar term that is a funeral song of lamentation
  3. c : a standard theme, element, or dramatic situation that recurs in various works
  4. d an adjective to describe a description of a picturesque country life, an idealized story of happy innocence. Also referred to as Pastoral.
  5. e The presentation to the reader of the flow of a character's inner emotional experience.

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  1. a brief story that leads to a moral, often using animals as characters.
  2. mysterious double.
  3. crude, often obscene literary genre.
  4. two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme and are written in the same meter, or pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
  5. what is said and what is meant

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  1. Epigrama unified, direct poem with a sharp or singular point


  2. Metaphora direct comparison of two different things. An extended metaphor is a metaphor that continues throughout the work and may be the controlling or central idea in the work


  3. Hubrisexcessive pride or arrogance that results in the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy.


  4. Denotation: the literal meaning of a word.


  5. Situational Ironywhat is expected to happen and what actually happens; at times, the direct opposite of what is expected to happen