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Rankle (Verb)

to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment in

Parochial (Adjective)

of or pertaining to parish or parishes

Ideology (Noun)

body of doctrine, myth, or belief that guides an individual, social movement, class, or large group

Dissemble (Verb)

to give false appearance, to conceal one's true motives or beliefs

Autocracy (Noun)

government in which one person has uncontrolled or unlimited authority over others

Inert (Adjective)

lacking the ability or strength to move

Theocracy (Noun)

a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God

Faction (Noun)

a group or clique within a larger group

Diabolic (Adjective)

devilish, wicked; qualities of the devil

Malign (Verb)

to speak harmful untruths about; slander

Maraud (Verb)

roam in search of plunder

Remiss (Adjective)

negligent, careless

Prodigious (Adjective)

extraordinary in amount, extent, degree, size, or force

Smirch (Verb)

to discolor or soil, spot or smudge

Perpetuate (Verb)

to make something continue indefinately

Abominations (Noun)

something horrible; object of disapproval

Innate (Adjective)

present from birth; relating to qualities someone is born with

Ingratiate (Verb)

to seek to please someone in order to gain an advantage

Corroborate (Verb)

to make more certain; to confirm

Begrudge (Verb)

to envy or resent someone

Clamor (Noun)

loud outcry

Covenant (Noun)

an agreement (formal) between two people to do or not to do something

Formidable (Adjective)

causing fear or dread

Providence (Noun)

protective care and guidance of God over creatures of the earth

Predilection (Noun)

the tendency to think favorably of something in particular; partiality

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