22.21 Alfred Stieglitz. The Steerage. 1907. From Camera Work, No. 34. New York. Published October 1911. Photogravure.
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* A Dutch purist art movement begun during World War-I.

*It involved painters, sculptors, designers, and architects.

*De Stijl, Dutch for "The Style," was aimed at creating a universal language of form that would be independent of individual emotion.

*Visual form that uses primary hues plus black and white, and rectangular shapes.
*A movement that grew out of Abstract Expressionism, in which large stained or painted areas, or "fields," of color evoke aesthetic and emotional responses.

*Mark Rothko: American abstract painter . who is best known for his color field paintings that depicted irregular and painterly rectangular regions of color
Donald Judd *Definition: eliminating all non-essential forms, features or concepts.Who was the minimalist? Name one.*A trend developed in the late 1960s *An artform in which the originating idea and the process by which it is presented take precedence over a tangible product.What is conceptual art?An art form in which dramatic presentation is created by visual artists (as distinguished from theater artists) in front of an audience, usually not in a formal theatrical setting.What is performance art?This stood for Works Progress Administration. This group was created in 1935 as a government program that was dedicated to the arts. They would commission painters to create murals in public places. FDR was the president of the U.S. in 1935 to sponsor and employ everyone.What was the WPA? Who started it?*National Endowment for the Arts, they gave money to individual artists, nonprofit artists, and organizations. *an independent agency of the United States federal government that offers support and funding for projects exhibiting artistic excellence.What is the NEA? How is it funded?*This is when the artist uses pre-existing items or images that go under little to no transformation from the original. *Jeff KoonsWhat is appropriation art? Name the famous one from PA.*He is an anonymous English graffiti artist who creates art for the public to be able to enjoy. *He's known as a controversial artist because he chooses to take on political topics and raise attention toward touchy subjects.Who is Banksy? Why is he controversial?This was a design school that was started in Germany after it was moved around due to the Nazis. The last known location was somewhere around Berlin in the 1940s.What was the Bauhaus?Ionic: scrolls Doric: Simple Corinthian: Acanthus leavesName the 3 Greek orders of columns.*Shell - When the outside wall is the inside wall *Skeleton & Skin- 2 x 4s or any kind of steel structural support that is located on the outside and then some form of drywall and insulation to form the interior.List the 2 primary types of structures.PISS CHRIST PAINTERAndre SerranoRobert MapplethorpeX PortfolioChris OfiliThe Holy Virgin MaryScott TylerWhat is proper way to display the U.S. flagVito AcconciClaim Excerpts