Manufacturing Exam 1

What is the most abundant Metal in the earth's crust?
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Design guidelines for casting include:Include draft angles Avoid sharp corners Reflect shrinkage in casting design All of the aboveA rolling deformative process is applied on aluminum at 300C. If the melting temperature of aluminum is 660C the operation is?Warm RollingThe shape factor of a minimally complex extruded (non-circular part is likely to be:>1What is the SAE 1080 Steel?Plain carbon steel with 0.8% carbonThe fundamental concept of casting follows four distinct steps. One of them is designing the mold (and cores if applicable). What are the three remaining fundamental casting process steps in the correct sequence?Melting/Pouring/SolidificationDue to often limited dimensional accuracy, casting processes mostly require secondary operations. T or F?TrueDetermine the shape factor for an open forging ---manufacturing process for --- stainless steel where the current for --- diameter is 0.8m, the height of specimen --- 0.35m and coefficient of friction at the die-to--- interface is 2.0-in-thick slab of 10.0 in wide and 12.0 ft long. Thickness is to be reduced in three steps in a hot rolling operation. Each step will reduce the slab to 75% of its previous thickness. It is expected that for this metal and reduction, the slab will widen by 3% in each step. The length of the slab after the final reduction is:26.03 FtA sheet metal drawing process is considered a "Deep Drawing Process" when:Depth is larger than punch diameterThe fundamental concept of deformative manufacturing is that the volume of the part is continuously changed over a sequence of processes along the value chain. T or F?FalseNear net Shape is when the shape is 'almost identical to the final desired shape. T or F?True