Manufacturing Exam 3

Determine the cycle time in this welding cycle.
Seems to be made with 200 mm and travel averages of 400mm/min. Every 750 mm of weld length, the welding stick must be changed, which takes 0.8 mins.
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Which welding method is described as the process of fusing 2 or more work pieces together using thermal energy (flame), and often involving a filler metal?Torch weldingCAE stands for Computer-Aided________?ElectromechanicsWhich assembly process is the most accommodating for disassembly?Threaded fastenersWhich G-code function initiates a circular interpolation CW?G2Geometrical Modeling techniques includes:Interpolation Approximation Freeform All of the aboveThe process to apply Epoxies/glues is generally:prepare surface; prepare Epoxy/glue; apply Epoxy/glue; apply pressure; cureWhich of the following references of manufacturing machines are fixed?Tool originG-Code programs all follow a general structure:Initialization, Motion, EndingFor inexperienced operators, which G-code instruction is regularly suggested to be avoided?G0Some non-permanent fasteners are made permanent by combining it with another joining process like welding. T or F?TrueOne advantage of using CAM systems is accuracy: overcoming manual operation errors induced by human factor. T or F?TrueIn solid state welding, gas is used to provide the melting heat. T or F?FalseExercise #1Exercise #2Exercise #3