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_ is made up of DNA wrapped over protein ( ex.histones)


Chromatin changes to _ when the cell replicates.

carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids

What are the four types of biological molecules?


_ is DNA to RNA and is in the nucleus.


_ is RNA to proteins and is also called protein synthesis.

rough ER, ribosomes

Where are proteins assembled?

cell membrane

The _ has a double layer of lipids.


_ are two-tailed fatty acids.

Rough ER

On _ proteins that are released or exported from the cell are synthesized here.

Smooth ER

_ does the synthesis of membrane lipids and the detoxification of drugs.

Liver cells

_ play a key role in detoxifying drugs.

salts, sugars, water minerals

Cells are suspended in what?

concentration gradient

_ is when there is no balance between the inside and outside of the cell.

The cell membrane regulates the movement of particles to maintain homeostasis.

The cell membrane regulates the movement of particles to maintain homeostasis.

Active transport

_ goes against the concentration gradient.


The _ uses the contractile vacuole to pump out water to reach equilibrium.

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