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Yang within yin
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Mutual-consumingQuanity-excess to def=amount is changing, in summertime the weather is hot (yang) and we sweat more (yin), when the external temp is very cold (yin), the body starts trembling (yang). Balance and homeostasisInter-transformationQuality changes-yin and yang can change into one another. such as exterior cold can invade the body and after a time it can easily change into heat,8 principal changesInfinite divisibilityyin and yang aspect can be further divided into yin yang, such as temperature can divided into cold and hot, but cold can divided further into icy cold and moderately coldWood smellgoatish-rancidFire smellScorchedEarth smellFragrantMetal smellRotten-fishWater smellPutrid-urineWood soundsshoutingFire soundslaughingEarth soundssingingMetal soundsweepingWater soundsgroaningSour fx of tasteGenerates fluids and yin, astringent and can control perspiration and diarrheaSour taste side-effectsMakes phlegm worseBitter fx of tasteClears heat, sedates and hardens, clears damp heat and it subdues rebellious qiBitter taste side-effectsInjures Sp, injures yinSweet fx of tasteTonifies, balances, and moderates, is used to tonify deficiency and to stop painSweet taste side-effectsCreates dampPungent fx of tastescatters, is used to expel pathogenic factorsPungent taste side-effectsInjures yinSalty fx of tasteFlows downwards, softens hardness, is used to treat constipation and swellingSalty taste side-effectsInjures fluidsPrecautions of sour-tissuesGoes to the nerves and can upset the liver, so it should be used sparingly if a person suffers from chronic painPrecautions of sour-organsGoes to the liver, if the spleen is diseased one should not eat these foodsPrecautions of bitter-tissuesGoes to the bones, and an excess of it should be avoided in bone diseasePrecautions of bitter-organsGoes to the heart, if the lung is disease one should not eat these foodsPrecautions of sweet-tissuesGoes to the muscles and an excess of it can cause weakness of the musclesPrecautions of sweet-organsGoes to the spleen, If kidney is diseased one should not eat these foodsPrecautions of pungent-tissuesScatters qi and should be avoided in qi deficiencyPrecautions of pungent-organsGoes to the lung, if the liver is diseased on should not eat these foodsPrecautions of salty-tissuesCan dry the blood and should be avoided in blood deficiencyPrecautions of salty-organsGoes to the kidney, if the heart is diseased one should not eat these foodsThree treasuresShen, Qi, JingShenvitality behind jing and qi, organ is heart, level is heaven, point is yin tang, brow chakra, image is flameQiability to activate and move, organ is sp/st, level is human, point is ren17, heart chakras, image is wickJingSource of life, organ is kid, level is earth, point is ren4, sacral chakra, image is candleQing qiair qi, inhaled by the lungGu Qifood/grain qi, produced by the spleen and stomachZong Qipectoral/gathering qi, air qi + food qi, stored in the chest, promote the lungs fx of controlling respiration, promote the hearts fx of dominating the blood and vessels like lung 9Yuan QiPrimary/original qi, derived for congenital essence, supplemented and nourished by food essence, take root in the kidney, spreads to the entire body via the san jiaoZhen Qivital/true qi, the last stage of transformation of qi, meridian qiWei QiDefensive qi, circulates outside the vessels, protect the surface, defend the body against pathogens, control the opening and closing of the pores, moisten the skin and hair, readjust body temperature and warm up the zang fu organsCirculation of wei qi50 times in 24 hours, 25 times during the day-->Tai Yang-->Shao yang-->yang ming 25 times during the night-->KD-->HT-->LU-->LV-->SPYing QiNutrient/nutritive qi, circulate in the vessels, produce blood and to circulate with it, providing further nourishment of blood (ying-blood)Zangfu QiOrgan qi, every organ is conceived of as having its own qi, its activity is characterized by the organ which is attackedZhong Qimiddle/central qi, the true qi of sp/st, the spleens fx of transporting and transformation, the spleens fx of raising qiZheng Qirighteous/upright qi, Defensive qi + Nutritive qi + Kd essence, defense of the body from invasion by external pathogens, contrasted to pathogenic factor (xie Qi)Two material sources of bloodSp/St-post heaven, Kd essence-pre heaven5 fxs of blood1. Nourish the body 2. Circulates the nutritive qi 3. moistens the body 4. Houses the mind 5. determines menstrationSource of blood-Spleenmain source of bloodSource of blood-Lungpushing food qi to the heartSource of blood-heartfood-qi is transformed into blood in the heartSource of blood-Kidneymaking blood through marrow and kd essenceHt fx of bloodGoverns and responsible for blood circulationSp fx of bloodMakes and ensures that blood remains in the blood vesselsLv fx of bloodStores and nourishes sinews, moistens eyes, regulates mensesWhat organ is 1st to separate pure from impureSp/Stbody fluids fx of lungdiffusebody fluids fx of sptransform, transportbody fluids fx of kidneytransform, separate, excretebody fluids fx of sjtransform, transport, excretebody fluids fx of storigin ofbody fluids fx of ubexcreteJin fluidsyang, clear, light, and thin-watery, circulate with defensive qi on the exterior, moves quickly, under control of lu (upper burner), fx is to moisten and partially nourish skin and muscles, manifest as sweat, tears, saliva, and mucus, become a component of the fluid part of bloodYe liquidsYin, more turbid, heavy, and dense, circulate with nutritive qi in the interior, moves relatively slowly, under the control of the sp & kid (middle/lower burner), fx is to moisten the joints, spine, brain and bone marrow, lubricate the orifices of the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, and mouth)False shenSudden revival before death due to floating up of yang qiHun responsible forsleep, plans, projects, life aims, coming and going of shenHun pointUb47Hun fxshas a profound influence on a persons capacity of planning his or her life by rooting and steadying the ethernal soulShen responsible forconsciousness, thinking, affections, memory, sleepShen pointUb44Hun resides inLiverShen resides inheartShen fxsmostly used for emotional and psychological problems related to the heart, ie. anxiety, insomina and depressionYi responsible forthinking, memory, concentrationYi resides inSpleenYi pointUb49Yi fxstonifies the mental aspect of the sp ie memory, concentation, and capacity for studyPo resides inlungPo responsible forfeelings, sensationsPo pointUb42Po fxsHas a very soothing effect on the spirit and it nourishes the qi, when this is dispersed by a prolonged period of sadness or griefZhi resides inkidneyZhi is responsible forwill power, drive, determinationZhi pointUb52Zhi fxsstrengthens will power and determination which are the mental spiritual phenomena pertaining to the kidneyZang organ fxstore fundamental substances, solid and store without dischargingFu organ fxtransform food and drink to produce qi and blood, receive, move, transform, digest, and excrete, hollow and discharge without storingfluid of livertearsfluid of heartsweatfluid of spleensaliviafluid of lungsnivalfluid of kidneyspittleUrinary bladder controls what?certain emotionsLiver excess dreamsbeing angryLiver deficiency dreamsVery fragrant mushrooms, in spring dreams of lying under a tree without being able to get up Dreams of forests in the mountainsHeart excess dreamslaughingHeart deficiency dreamsmountains, fire, and smoke, Dreams of fire, In summer, dreams of volcanic eruptionsSpleen excess dreamssinging and being very heavySpleen deficiency dreamsdreams of being hungry, in late summer dreams of building a house, dreams of abysses in mountains and of marshesLung excess dreamsweeping, dreams of worry and fear, or crying and flyingLung deficiency dreamsdreams of white objects or bloody killings, in autumn, battles/war, dreams of flying and seeing strange objects made of gold or ironKidneys excess dreamsdreams that spine is detached from the bodyKidneys deficiency dreamsdreams of swimming after a shipwreck. In winter one dreams of plunging in water and being scared, dreams of being immersed in waterPC official and fxambassador and from it joy and happiness deriveLu official and fxPrime minister in charge of regulationGb official and fxUpright official that makes decisionsGB deficiency dreamsdreams of fights, trials, and suicideSI excess dreamsDream of crowds, when one has long intestinal parasites, one will dream of fights and mutual destructionSI def dreamsdreams of large citiesSJ dreamsDreams of flying: indicate emptiness in LJ Dreams of falling: indicate fullness in LJSt def dreamsDreams of having a large mealLI def dreamsdreams of open fieldsUB def dreamsdreams of voyagesSix extraordinary yang organsGall bladder, Blood vessels, bones, marrow, brain, uterusAnger causes qi toRise up, ascendFear causes qi toDecline, descendJoy causes qi toslow down, relaxWorry& Pensiveness causes qi toStagnate, knotSadness causes qi toConsume, dissolveShock/Fright causes qi toDerange, scatter