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Self Care

What is the independent act of preventing, diagnosing, and treating one's own illness without seeking professional advice?

Preventative Self Care

What is maintaining well being and appearance through exercise and healthy lifestyle?

Sickness Self Care

What is diagnosing of one's own conditions and obtaining products for the goal of mitigating illness or relieving symptoms?

Decrease in aging population

Which of the following is not a factor that increases self medication: Restricted access to prescribers, Increasing costs of healthcare, decrease in aging population, or the high proportion of underinsured/uninsured people in the US?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

What does CAM stand for?

Street drug use

Which of the following is not an option for self medication: nonprescription medications, dietary supplements, CAM and homeopathic remedies, or street drug use?


What percentage of Americans use OTC products?


True or False: Self medication accounts for 60% of all medication use.

Pain remedies, Antacids, Cough/Cold

What are the three most common self medication groups used in the US?

$20 billion

Taking into account prescription costs, doctor visits, lost time from work, insurance costs, and travel, what is the average amount of money saved per year by US consumers from OTC medication use?


What is the most common condition that is self treated with OTC products?


True or False: Only 34% of people self-treating a headache with an OTC product can identify the active ingredient.

False (10%)

True or False: Around 75% of patients read the side effects of their OTC medications.


True or False: Around 50% of patients take more than the maximum recommended doses per day when self-treating a headache with an OTC product.


About how many OTC drug products are currently on the market?


How many active OTC ingredients are currently on the market?


How many OTC therapeutic categories are currently on the market?


True or False: 700 of the 800 active OTC ingredients were actually Rx dosage forms 30 years ago.

DSHEA 1994

What act deals with products that are intended to supplement the diet and contain 1 or more of the following: a vitamin, a mineral, an herb, or an amino acid?

False (Not B-12)

True or False: MVIs, vitamin E, calcium and vitamins B-12 are the most common dietary supplements sold today.


What institute houses the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)?


Which one of the following was not one of the top selling natural products in 2005: garlic, echinacea, saw palmetto, ginseng, or ginkgo biloba?


The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) implemented what program to ensure the safety of pharmacy practices on the internet in 1999?


What type of questions are best for information gathering when speaking with a patient regarding OTC alternatives?


During the QuEST process, what acronym can help you ask about the patient's current complaint?


What does S stand for in SCHOLAR?


What does C stand for in SCHOLAR?


What does H stand for in SCHOLAR?


What does O stand for in SCHOLAR?


What does L stand for in SCHOLAR?

Aggravating Factors

What does A stand for in SCHOLAR?

Remitting Factors

What does R stand for in SCHOLAR?


How can you describe a factor that makes a symptom/complaint feel better when implemented by the patient?


During which letter of the QuEST process is SCHOLAR incorporated?


During which letter of the QuEST process does the pharmacist assess if the patient is a self-care candidate?


During which letter of the QuEST process does the pharmacist recommend an appropriate self-care strategy?


During which letter of the QuEST process does the pharmacist give a brief overview of an appropriate self-care strategy and make recommendations for some type of follow-up?

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