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Battle of Bloody Marsh
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Button GwinnettDelegate at 2nd continental congress, signed of Declaration of Independence. Does form a duel. Governor of GA in 1777.Nancy HeartCaptured and killed several loyalist soldiers while they eat and drink. Patriots spy. Held some at gunpoint until her husband came homeLt. GovernorElected by a majority of the popular vote, four-year term, conserve unlimited consecutive terms. At least 30 years old, US citizens for 15 years, Georgia resident for six years. Becomes acting governor if current governor diesGeorge WaltonCircuit court judge, Chief Justice of Georgia, governor of Georgia and US senator. Most political successful signer. Delegate at second Continental Congress, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Representatives to congress.Reasons for finding GAEconomics - natural resources to send back to Britain. Charity - please for the where the poor. Defense- to protect South Carolina from Spain.ExecutiveMade up of the governor and lieutenant governorLymon HallDelicate at second Continental Congress, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Elected governor of Georgia in 1783. Founder of UGA.Trustee periodWhen Georgia was first founded. No alcohol, slaves, no Catholics, no lawyers, or silly Lynn. 21 trustees governed. Oglethorpe.EntrepreneurSomeone who takes on all aspects of a new business, including operation, management, and risk.Sherman's March to the seaTotal warfare, destroy the past 300 miles long by 60 miles wide destroyed the south. 60,000 veteran soldiers from Chattanooga to Savannah.Andacona planFederal strategy to defeat the confederacy - consisted of three parts. Blockade of southern ports, control the Mississippi River, and capture Richmond, VirginiaProfitThe money remaining after expenses are paid. The main incentive for starting a new businessJefferson davisFormer US representative, and senator from MS, US. Secretary of war. President of the Confederate states of America. Captured in Georgia 1865.DebtMoney that is owned or do.AbolitionistPeople who were anti-slavery, Frederick Douglass, Joseph E Brown. Worked to abolish slavery in America, Harriet Beecher StoweDesegregationRemoving segregation of all facilities. The key motivation for all civil rights legislationMartin Luther King JrFamous for his nonviolent protest, boycotts, settings, and other forms of peaceful protest. Started college at 15, graduated from Morehouse College, head of the SCLC, assassinated in Memphis Tennessee.March on Washington250,000 civil rights activist gathered to push civil rights legislation, "I have a dream speech". Lead to the passage of the civil rights act of 1964Sibley commissionCommittee that was created to determine Georgine's feelings about integration. 66% of Georgians would rather close schools then integrate them, recommended that each school district decide if they integrate or close.Brown vs board of educationThe US Supreme Court declared segregation schools to be unconstitutional. Integration should be done "with all deliberate speed" Georgia was slow to integrateAlbany movementProtest, citizens, and March is in Albanene Georgia. Goal was to end all forms to say Acacian. Desegregation efforts failed when with the support of Martin Luther King JrTaxesAfee the individuals and businesses must pay to governmentStamp actParliaments way for the colonist to pay for the French and Indian war. Colonist had to buy a stamp for almost every paper document. No taxation without representation. Rebellion.Intolerable actResponse by Parliament to the rebellious colonists. Boston Port act, quartering act, Massachusetts government act.Boston tea partyCollin is just as Native Americans. 342 chest of tea dumped into the Boston HarborProclamation of 1763Land west of the mountain was for Indians. No one moved west of the Appalachian Mountains. Georgians did not careFrench and Indian warLong term causes of the American Revolution. France a native Americans vs British in few were native Americans. Seven years warContenetial Congress meeting (1st)Delegates decided to cut off trade with England until taxes were repealed. Georgia was the only colony not to send a delicate.Declaration of independenceSigned on July 4, 1776. Written by Thomas JeffersonBoston massacreFive people killed. British soldiers fired into a crowd of peopleButton Gwinnett, George Walton, Lyman HallSigners of declaration of independenceHorticultureThe practice of garden cultivation in management. Seatmate no travel for food. No more movingFall lineNatural boundary between the coastal plain in Piedmont regions. Waterfalls provide a source of power in mini mills located on the fall line.Barrier islandIslands protect the mainland from wind in erosion, 14 off the coast of Georgia. Spanish missions were set up on these during expiration., Today they are used for re-creationMoralsBuilt for religious burials. Build for religious sceremoniesKing George llKing Who allowed GA To be founded. Georgia is named afterSavannah RiverBegins in the blue ridge region and flows to the Atlantic, George's first city with established here. Border between Georgia and South Carolina, generates hydroelectric powerOkefenokee swamp700 mi.², largest freshwater swamp in North America, land of trembling earth. Home to hundreds of species of animalsJohn ReynoldsMany conflicts with colonial legislature. First royal governor of Georgia. Removed by the king. Two years.Tom WatsonElected to Georgia House of representatives, elected to congress. Launch the People's party paper, launch the trial program in rural free mail deliveryLeo frankJewish man who was lynched by anti-semites. He was believed to have killed Mary Phagan in a pencil factoryTenant farmersLand owner provides house and land, receives a set amount of cash or portion of crop at end of season. Tenant farmer usually made a small profit.Henry GradyJournalist from Georgia - promoted industry and crop diversity. Spokesman for the new south, persuaded Northerners to invest money in southern businesses13th amendmentOutlawed slaveryJim Crow lawsLost a segregated blacks from whites in most public spaces. Black facilities were inferior, and they would be punished for going onto White only placesWEB DuboisCivil rights advocate - African-American should fight for total racial equality - founding member of the NAACP. Professor of Atlanta University - lead the Niagara movementCarpet baggerNorth or nurse who moved into the south to purchase land, least plantations in order to make money. Low class newcomer seeking to get rich on the south misfortune, carried their belongings in carpet bags.RidgevalleyLOL open valley the nearest regions, lots of oak, Hickory and Pinetree, pastures an cattle, soy beans, corn and wheat. Dalton= carpet capital, Ellijay= apple capital, text tile and carpeting manufacturingMississippianCrops - maize, beans, pumpkins glue most food. Burial mounds, religious ceremonies, larger villages, permanent shelter. 700 A.D. - 1000 A.D. Centers for religious ceremoniesland speculatorSelling land at a profit. Buyer of land, expecting the value to increase.Blue ridgeNorth east corner of Georgia, home to highest point in Georgia equal Brasstown bald, most painful of all regions. Waterfalls, canyons, and gorges, copper, gold and marble mind there, tourist go hiking, camping in scenic viewsArtifactPhysical remnant of an ancient culture. Tools. Pottery. Drawings.Savannah RiverTerritory of modern day Alabama and Mississippi Federal government clean by Georgia's mess. Speculators in for company bride legislators to pass bill that sold huge track of land really cheapPiedmontCapital is located here, Georgia red clay, nations leading producer of marble and granite. 50% of the state population lives here, Turner stadium, Georgia aquarium, varsity. Second largest regionNomadAncient people who move from place to place annually, in search of food. Wanderers, gatherers.Pearl harborSurprise attack on America by Japan. December 7, 1941, America declared war on December 8RevenueIncomeInterestCharge for a loan, usually a percentage of the amount loanedLiberty shipsNo in Savannah in Brunswick, large transport vessels. Designed to carry everything from grain in mail to troop and trucks.InvestingSending money in the hope of earning more money then it spentCreditArrangement for deferred payment of the loan purchaseCarl VinsonUS House of Representatives, father of the 2- Ocean navy. Help bring navy yard GeorgiaTariffTax on foreign goodsInterstate highway system, railroads, Hartsfield Jackson international airport, deep water ports.4 transportation systemsCCCHired young unmarried men to work on government jobs. Build bridges, parks, and sewer systems - meant to preserve natural resourcesAAAFarmers were paid money not to plant part of land or certain crops. Purpose was to reduce crop surplus in raise the value of CropsLend leasePolicy of America to land or lease weapons to Great Britain and the Soviet unionSocial Security actRetirement unemployment insurance, only new deal program still around. Taxes from workers and employersREABrought electricity to rural areasBell bomber plantsMarietta, Georgia - B-29 bombers built here. A lot of women and African-Americans work hereDroughtLasted from 1924 to 1927,. With no rain fall, over 375,000 foreign workers left Georgia. Because of this the number of working farms Phil from 310,1,32 to 249,095BollweevilInsects that destroy George's cotton crop. Migrated to the US from Mexico in 1915Richard RussellGeorgia governor, US center, help Georgia get military bases. Father of the school lunch programReasons to break from BritainDesire of Americans to on their own land. Believe that the US was destined to stretch from coast to coastChristianBaptist. MethodistAbraham LincolnFirst republican president, used to force to preserve the union. President of the United States prior to and during the American Civil War. Assassinated in 1865CottonGeorge's number one crop prior to the Civil War. Combined ideas from Virginia plan and New Jersey plan.UGAFirst public university to be chartered. Established January 27, 1785. Charter written by Abraham BaldwinNullificationThe south did not want their economy destroyed you to tears. States could void any federal law they thought to be unconstitutionalCottonginUsed to separate pot in from the seeds. May cotton a more profitable crop. 50 pounds of cotton per dayTerminalWhere railroads ended. End of the line. Located in what later become Marthasville in AtlantaDread Scott caseScott filed a lawsuit saying he was free because his master had taken him to a free state. The case went to Supreme Court - ruled that Scott could not sue because he was a slave= property noncitizen. Court ruled that Congress cannot stop slavery and territories.Kettle CreekImportant battle for Georgia patriots. Raised morale, needed supplies, set the stage for victories. Patriots were outnumbered. Patriot victoryAbraham BaldwinHelp to develop the great compromise. Georgia signer of US Constitution. UGA's first president3/5 compromiseNorth and south agreed-upon. Allowed sleeved to count toward the states overall populationTreaty of ParisEnded the American revolution. Granted United States independenceSigners of constitutionWilliam Few, Abraham BaldwinArticles of confederationWeek central government, too many limitations, states given a lot of control. Foundation for new government. Too many weaknesses.Quartering actColonist did not want to pay for soldiers. Colonist would have to house in feed soldiers if they came to their houseWilliam MactoshLeader of Creek nation 1810 Dash 18 20, nephew of McGillivray. Bribed by Georgians to sign away quickly in, executed by his people. Treaty of Indian springs. ScalpedCherokeeLocated in the area of North Georgia, new Echota was a capital. First need is to have their language in written form. Peaceful, nonviolentSecond Continential CongressGeorgia was represented. Signers of the declaration of independence= Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George WaltonSALMASavanna, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta. Capital GeorgiaLoyalistPeople loyal to England. Supported England in the soldiers. Tories, redcoatsPlessy vs FergusonSupreme court case that made racial segregation legal. Separate but equalHolocaustName given to the Nazi plan to kill all Jewish people. 6 million Jews and other groups were killed. Concentration campsAlliesUnited States, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, FranceJohn HopeMarried couple who try to improve the quality of life for African Americans. John was the first black president of Morehouse College. Supported public education, health care, job opportunities, and recreational facilitiesRebecca FeltonA social reformer who fought for women's right to vote, prohibition, and help to end the convict lease system. Oppose the Boardman Triumvirate's. new south movement, white supremacy reviews. First female US senator= one dayZimmerman telegramTelegram from the Germany to Mexico attack the US. Mexico would get Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, Bridgeton intercepted a telegram and sent to USWarm Springs, GeorgiaPlay swear Roosevelt travel to get treatment for his polio. Little White HouseInternational cotton expositionFair held in Atlanta, 1881, to bring money to Atlanta's cotton textile business. Attracted northern money which helped industrialize the southLusitaniaBritish passenger liner that was torpedoed by German U - boats, almost everyone on board died. American opinion about the war changed because 128 Americans died.SequoyaMade a syllabary for the Cherokee language. George Gist, send of a Virginia soldier, in Cherokee Princess, name means "lonely lame one". Lasted 12 yearsJohn MarshallWent against the Indian removal act, butted heads with Jackson. Chief justice of the US Supreme Court during Jackson's presidencyHead rightWhite men over age of 21, 200 acres up to 1000 acres (depending on family/slaves print) 50 acres for each family member, 10 acres for each leave. Ended when not enough landAndrew JacksonButted heads with John Marshall over Indian issues. President from 1829-1837, signed the Indian removal act of 1830.Worchester vs GeorgiaWent to US Supreme Court - Georgia court decision couldn't stand because Cherokee land was it subject to state law. Two men refused to sign an oath of allegiance to the governor of Georgia after being sentenced to prisonLand fraudgiven more land to speculators hoping to make a larger profit. Dishonest selling of landDelonoga gold rushGold was discovered in the summer of 1829, on Cherokee Land. 10,000 miners moved into the area, Cherokee Indians were forced to leave. Hurting CherokeeLand lotteryEqual chance to get free land in Georgia. Free man= one chance, family man= to chances, widow with children= to chances. Final approach to Land distributionHamilton HolmesOne of two African-American students to enter UGA. Phi Beta Kappa, graduated with honors from UGA, later became in orthopedic surgeon.Alonzo HernandoFounding member of the NAACP - former slave and sharecropper. Millionaire in Atlanta from his Barber shop business, rental properties, and insurance companyDisfranchisementLaws that restrict or deny the right of blacks to vote. Literacy tests, Paul tax, white primary, grandfather clause, racial violence, GerrymanderingMaynard Jacksonfirst African-American mayor of Atlanta, served 1973-1981, 1990-1994. Expanded Hartsfield, Jackson international airport, pro did African-Americans.Racial violenceViolent events by whites against blacks. Violent events because of rumors about black man attacking white womenBooker T. WashingtonFormer slave who receive an education from the Freedman's school - promoted education for African-Americans. Helped create the Tuskegee Institute, believed progress for African-Americans would come gradually - shouldn't be forced.Lester MaddoxBelieved in states rights and segregation, closed his restaurant instead of obeying the law. Governor of Georgia from 67-71, put more African-Americans into gov't jobsBourbon TriumvirateLeaders of the conservative Democrats that control the Georgia government. Goal was to industrialize George's economy, Jon B. Gordon, Joseph he brown, Alfred H ColquittMalcontentsUnhappy with rules of trustee colony. Complainers, Dissenters, wanted slavery, liquor, and ability to buy and sell landTomochichiChief of Yamacraw Indians. Peaceful relations with settlers. Gave Savannah to OglethorpeHighland ScottsScottish settlers, known for bravery in determination in battle. Protected Savannah. Founded DarienMary MusgrovePlayed in important role in settlement of Georgia. interpreter between tomochi chi and OglethorpeSalzburgersLooking for religious freedom from Germany. Founded Ebenezer in new Ebenezer.Charter of 1732Written document signed by the king. outlined George's settlement. Rules of colonists. 21 trustees for 21 yearsCatholicreligion of Spain. A tent to convert Native Americans to this religionPaleoBefore 10,000 years ago. No fixes shelter, Nomadic. Large game hunters. Spears, AtlatlCoordinateA Precise position on Earth's surface. GA is located at 30-35N latitude, and 80-85W longitudeMissionsTo bring religion to native Americans. Established along the barriers islands of GA. missionaries. Catholicism, conversionsArchaicSmall Game Hunters, deer, bear,turkey, fish, berries. Semi-Permanent housing, clans. 8,000 B.C. -1000 B.C. Grooves axes, spearsWoodlandsWattle and daub, small villages, tribes, religious ceremonies, burial mounds. Small game, some crops- squash, sunflower. 1000B.C.- 1000A.D. Bow and arrow, potteryHenry TurnerNevertheless a slave, grandmother was a white plantation owner. Elected to GA House of Representatives in 186714th amendmentGranny Ingram citizenship to freedmen. Required "equal protection under the law"William Hartsfield.Atlanta's longest serving mayor, supporter of travel (aviation). Remembered for helping make Atlantathe Southeast's aviation centerIvan Allen JrMayor of Atlanta from 1962-1970. Remembered for bringing major league sports teams to AtlantaEugene TalmadgeConservation Governors of GA, Racist. Didn't support the new deal. Fought for farmers. Anti-integrationBattle of GettysburgTurning point of the Civil War for the north - major victory for the union. Bloodiest battle of the American Civil WarAndersonvillePrisoner of war camp where union soldiers were held, terrible conditions. 45,000 POWS= 13,000 died, no shelter, little food, in dirty water.Elijah ClarkeHeroes of the battle in Georgia. Let the Georgia Militia on attack against British during battle of kettle Creek.PatriotsPeople who supported independence. RebelsBattle of ChickamaugaMajor victory for the confederacy and Bragg. Confederate troops did not follow up in Chattanooga and allow the union to fortifyUnion blockadeUnion ships focused on blocking the Savannah Harbor. No goods were allowed in or out of SavannahAtlantaUnion troops circle the city in force the confederated to withdraw. Union troops at fired to the city and suppliesSiege of SavannahSecond bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary war. England took over savannaAlexander StevensPlayed a major role in the come promise of 1850, in the Kansas Nebraska act. Supported slavery, but did not support succession. V.P. Of the confederacySecessionSouth Carolina seceded from the union after Lincoln was elected, Georgia had to decide what to do. Georgians voted 208-89 in favor of secession in on January 21 it was signed into lawGeorgia platformGeorgians excepted to come promise in order to remain in the union - against their better judgment. Howell cob, Alexander Steffens, and Robert toombs ask Georgiana to accept the compromise of 1850Missouri compromiseDealt with how to handle new states entering the union, had to keep things equal in the house. Only a temporary solution. 1820.States rightsSouthern states believed it was in their best interest to decide what was best for them - it was constitutional. The idea that states interest or more important then the national government.Compromise of 1850DC residents could keep their slaves, Congress passed if you just leave act. No slave trading DC, New Mexico/Utah decided if they wanted to be free/SlaveElection of 1860Democratic Party split over slavery, Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln. Republicans were not try to end slavery - Lincoln still didn't support the South's - one via the electoral college. No votes from the southern state15th amendmentGave all men the right to vote. Cannot deny based on " gave all men the right to vote. Cannot deny based on " race, color, or previous condition of servitude"NationalismOne of four main causes of World War I. Having pride in your country, willing to defend itimperialism104 main causes of World War I. Trying to build up an empire ( powerful country that control several less powerful countries)CentralCentral power Germany, turkey, Austria HungaryCauses of World War IArchduke Frans Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian member of the black hand. The Emperor of Austria Hungary declared war on SerbiaMelvin ThompsonGeorgia governor and also one of three involved in the three governors controversy in the three Governors controversy. Former governor who refused to leave office after the death of Eugene Talmage.1990 OlympicsAtlanta, Centennial Park, Atlanta, con sent to national park , Brought in economic investments from all over the world. Impact on Atlanta was more than $5 billionHerman TalmageGovernor of Georgia in 1950, segregationist who is this detents to integrate public schools. Enacted first state sales tax - funded and improved public educationJimmy CarterFirst Georgian to be elected president, peanut farmer. Georgia state senator 1962, and governor in 1970, can't David Accord's, Iranian hostage crisis, oil embargo, noble prize winnerGovernor controversyEllis Arnel, Herman Talmage, and Melvin Thompson claim to be governor of Georgia after the death of ELLIS Arnel, Herman Talmage, in Milton Thompson claim to be governor of Georgia after the death of Eugene Talmage. Thompson in Talmage set up government which lasted two months tell me which one a special election in 1948