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Hardwood trees are angiosperms (coated seed) deciduous trees, and softwood trees are gymnosperm (uncoated seeds) coniferous trees.
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•Cilantro has anticancer effects.TrueNo matter what climate change solution we come up with, none of it will work unless we STOP putting so many greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.True•Lavender is commonly found in teas meant to help with sleeping.True◦Algae is easy to grow and can be made into many useful products such as plastics, feedstocks, biofuels, etc.TrueThe Native Americans used sunflowers for their medicinal propertiesTrue-In 2012, Kenya implemented an import ban on genetically modified organisms.TrueTequila has been trademarked by the Mexican Government since 1650FalseBrazilian Blue Cacti are only found in Brazil. True/FalseFalse•Can the leaf of a giant water lily support the weight of a human?True§ Will David follow his parent's tradition and maintain a nice landscape?Yes