Inferno vocab

Symbolic retribution
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Usuryillegal action or practice of lending money at really high ratesFriarmember of any certain religious ordersMaliceill willGluttonexcessively greedy eaterHypocrisypractice of claiming to have moral standards but then not following through with themVestibulefoyer, lobbyJuxtapositiontwo things being seen or placed close together that have contrasting effectSimonybuying or selling of religious privileges (priest would charge money to pray for you)Incontinencelack of self controlInfernohell/large fire out of controlStanzagroup of words in a poem/ unit in a poemTerza rimaItalian poem that has three lines that rhymeCouplettwo lines of a verseTercetset or group of three lines that rhymeOffalinternal origins of animals used for foodVirgilroman poet and tour guide of DanteDante Alighiericharacter who gets led through Hell; protagonist