History of Journalism

Bob Woodward
Watergate Scandal
Assisstant Editor at Washington Post
Carl Bernstein
Watergate Scandal
Peter Jennings
Anchor of ABC's World News Tonight
Walter Kronkite
'Most trusted man in America'
First 30-minute evening newscast
Covered Kennedy Assassination, Apollo Moon Landings, Watergate Scandal, Vietnam
Journalism School named after him
Bill O'Reily
"Big Mouth"
hosted O'Reily Factor
Geraldo Rivera
ABC's Good Morning America,
Geraldo at Large- own talk show
Ida B. Wells Barnett
Sued Chesapeake Railroad for racial discrimination
Free Speech Headlight- African American Christian Magazine
Made articles against racial discrimination
Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow Show- NBC
First openly gay journalist
Matthew Brady
first to photograph the civil war
Ira Glass
Radio program
Nellie Bly
sailed around the world in 72 days
insane assylum story
Peggy Hull
Sent to France to cover WWI
first woman accredited by US government as a war correspondent
Ann Curry
Reported in Sudan, Japan, Haiti, Royal Wedding, Beijing
Today Show
Launched MSNBC
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey Show
"The Color Purple"- movie
Most paid woman in America
Red Smith
Sports Writer
'Red Smith Award' named after him
Pauline Kael
Movie Critic
Books of criticisms
Bush Limbaugh
Ed Bradley
Reporter in Vietnam
First African American War Correspondent
Thomas Nast
"Compromise of the South Cartoon"
Reportaroid- mixed art with writing
Connie Chung
First Asian American woan and second woman anchor
Ben Franklin
owned printing shop
bought 'Pennsylvania Gazette'
Wrote 'Poor Richards Almanack'
Diane Sawyer
Horace Greely
Political writing
Margaret Bourke-White
photographs of concentration camps
took picture on cover of the first 'Time Magazine'
Marguerite HIggins
War correspondent
photographed WWII, Korea, and Vietnam
first woman to win Pulitzer Prize
Brian Williams
Anchor at NBC nightly news
Katie Curic
Anchored, produced, and reported for CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS
William Hearst
Yellow Journalism
Joseph Pulitzer
Pulitzer Prize
Edward R. Marrow
Radio, London Blitz, Edward R. Marrow Award
Peter Arnett
Vietnam and Gulf war
wrote a book
Interviewed Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden
Tom Brokaw
Wrote on Aids, race, War on Terror, politics, political elections
Ida Tarbell
first main female journalist, Oil Company